Apricot Rail / Quarrels
Album: Quarrels   Collection:General
Artist:Apricot Rail   Added:Apr 2013
Label:Hidden Shoal  

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Recent Airplay
1. Jul 19, 2013: Tunes
Cicadas...Part Two, Cicadas Lay Eggs In Her Ears
4. Jun 28, 2013: Songsmith Show (Time Traveler Sitting In)
Basket Press
2. Jul 05, 2013: Buford J. Sharkley Presents: As Told To Hervey Okkles
Cicadas...Part Two, Cicadas Lay Eggs In Her Ears
5. Jun 14, 2013: Time Traveler
Basket Press
3. Jul 05, 2013: Tunes
Surry Hills
6. Jun 06, 2013: Catharsis
Dore Strauch

Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2013-05-10
Recorded in a farmhouse in the Australian country, this Perth group’s second album evokes a wide-open space and yet feels intimate and isolated. This is not your apocalyptic post-rock gloom, nor is it the epic soundtrack to some as-yet unmade action movie. This is something much more personable and playful, a musical friend for a sunny day. Brass and woodwind instruments join the usual rock instrumentation. Favorites: 1, 3, 4 + 5, 8, 12. Mostly instrumental, all FCC clean.

1. *(5:09)—Gentle, melancholy, autumnal. First half has a slowcore feel. Second half speeds up and reaches a gorgeous climax.
2. (4:45)— Slow, glitchy but mild electronic beat. Soft drones and chimes. Calm and cheery.
3. *(6:35)—Begins with guitar strumming and singing. Segues into slow, serene post-rock meandering. Choral vocals enter near the end.
4. *(3:19)—Slow lullaby-like beginning and ending, with a mid-tempo passage in the middle. Fades into track 5.
5. *(2:58)—Continuation of track 4. Drifting, entrancing beginning. Mid-tempo drums return in the second half.
6. (2:32)—High-pitched guitar picking. Mish-mash of swirling melodies. Various percussion types.
7. (4:14)—Slow, evening waltz. Takes on a sparer, more ghostly sound in the second half.
8. *(4:56)—Medium-slow, very light but driving percussion. Music for the most peaceful segments of a day’s journey.
9. (1:48)—Intertwining of guitar picking and chimes. Soft beat.
10. (2:32)—Mid-tempo, clicking percussion. Keyboard blips and drones.
11. (0:54)—Lo-fi beat, synth sounds.
12. *(4:47)—Slow, pensive, a bit darker. Jazzy rhythm, chimes. Speeds up in the second half.

Track Listing
1. Basket Press   7. Third Ballroom
2. Another Roof, Another Proof   8. Surry Hills
3. Running With An Egg On A Spoon   9. Pictionary
4. Cicadas Lay Eggs In Her Ears   10. Eked
5. Cicadas...Part Two   11. The Sunlight Experiments
6. Ibis Snowstorm   12. Dore Strauch