Church Of Misery / Thy Kingdom Scum
Album: Thy Kingdom Scum   Collection:General
Artist:Church Of Misery   Added:Jun 2013
Label:Rise Above  

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1. Sep 07, 2013: The Base Of A Dream Is Empty
Lambs To The Slaugther (Ian Brady / Myra Hindley), Cranley Gardens (Dennis Andrew Nilsen)
4. Aug 06, 2013: Disgusting Metal Punk Noise
Dusseldorf Monster (Peter Kurten)
2. Aug 31, 2013: The Base Of A Dream Is Empty
B.T.K. (Dennis Rader)
5. Jul 03, 2013: Brownian Motion
Brother Bishop (Gary Heidnik)
3. Aug 24, 2013: Music Casserole
B.T.K. (Dennis Rader)

Album Review
Reviewed 2013-06-26
Church of Misery – Thy Kingdom Scum (Rise Above Records)
Fucking hell this is great, scratches that early Black Sabbath nostalgia itch like not much else can. This Japanese doom-rock band has been going since the 90s with pretty much just songs about serial killers and covers of crucial metal tunes. Here we see a bit more of a psychedelic edge, similarities to fellow psychedelic countrymen Acid Mothers Temple or (the lighter side of) Boris. FCCs on 3, every track is awesome. RIYL Earthride, Without God, Cathedral, Eyehategod

1. (6:33) Instrumental. Rockin’ pentatonic riffs, midpaced and muddy, delicious and pretty much perfect.
2. (7:22) Headbanging rocker recalls Cathedral or Earthride at their most upbeat, grisly beersoaked vocals and massive, obliterating cock-rock riffs.
3. (7:19) Grating buzzsaw-toned blues-doom with dark distorted serial killer newsreel sample. Matt Pike style growls follow, with some top-notch solos that would make Iommi + Butler proud.
4. (6:55) FCC “FUCK” Sample from a harrowing news reel about the eponymous psychopath, merciless sludge plodding until kickass solos take it up a notch.
5. (3:30) Fast rocker, relentless churning pentatonics. This is what happens when 70s hard rock meets 20-teens doom, pure amazeballs awesomeness.
6. (5:15) plodding rocker showcases some incredible solos with Hendrixian ambitions, riffs drenched with the band’s irresistible grooves—if you’re not hooked by now, your eardrums have been irreparably bludgeoned.
7. (12:16) An obvious nod to Sabbath’s “Rat Salad” jam trudges on into crushing doom territory, drums pick up again and a balls-out rocker ensues, just absolutely shredding. All early Sabbath emulators can now hang their heads in shame.

Track Listing
1. B.T.K. (Dennis Rader)   4. Cranley Gardens (Dennis Andrew Nilsen)
2. Lambs To The Slaugther (Ian Brady / Myra Hindley)   5. One Blind Mice (Quatermass Cover)
3. Brother Bishop (Gary Heidnik)   6. All Hallow's Eve (John Linley Frazier)
  7. Dusseldorf Monster (Peter Kurten)