Wong, Dustin / Mediation Of Ecstatic Energy
Album: Mediation Of Ecstatic Energy   Collection:General
Artist:Wong, Dustin   Added:Oct 2013
Label:Thrill Jockey Records  

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Liberal Christian Youth Ministry
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Album Reviews
Reviewed 2013-11-06
Dustin Wong
Mediation Of Ecstatic Energy

Reviewed by BravoMarco
2nd November 2013

His latest release since moving back to Japan from the States has much to admire. This is a wondrous journey into a great creative mind, electronica & experimental fused to create a very special set of recordings. Guitar playing looped madness! All tracks worth a listen, definitely a few to play. Instrumentals apart from 13. Tracks blend in, so not the easiest to mix when playing them as single tracks. Top tunes 4, 6, 8,
No detectable FCC’s

1) (A) Shows (B) His Analysis And (C) Looked Over (5.02) Chirpy, Loop crazed opener.
2) Aura Peeled Off (2.21) Guitars backing this slower paced soundtrack like piece.
3) The Big She (5.06) Fuzzy & warm. Driving guitars makes this track. Use of sampled vocals for that extra touch mid way through.
4) Cityscape Floated (3.43) Slower simpler track.
5) Emerald Atmosphere (3.39) Glockenspiel to start - Spacey soundscape after.
6) Helix Sky (4.31) Trippy at first, leading up to an intense finale.
7) Imaginelectric (3.32) Plinky plonky, mid paced - weakest track for me.
8) Japan (5.52) Fast paced percussion, nice slower guitars over the top -quickening up to finish.
9) Liberal Christian Youth Ministry (4.30) Faster paced whirling sound.
10) Out Of The Crown Head (4.20) A Frenzied assault.
11) Physical Consciousness Went In (5.37) Like the one above with meatier drums.
12) Speeding Feathers Staring (5.51) Higher energy with mellow tones. Voices at the end.
13) Tall Call Cold Sun (6.41) slower with dreamy like vocals.
14) Vision Waterfall (2.25) Video game intro continues throughout. Almost poppy.
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Reviewed 2013-10-12
Dustin Wong
Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Lead
Thrill Jockey

Slightly sped up crystalline minimalism that comes in perfectly sized small packages. Sugary sweet looping with hooks. RIYL Terry Riley, Does it Look Like I'm Here?, Laurie Spiegal, Henry Plotnick

*1. (3:35) starts quiet, sparkly guitar, looping, eventually develops a beat
*2. (2:24) looping guitars, squiggly synth
3. (2:41) monotone, picks up terse piano
4. (3:24) slowed down long strum, a little tension, picks up
*5. (2:49) Intricate looping finger picking, gets a little searing tone
6. (6:19) Quiet slow winding up, bass enters, gets playful and joyous, abrupt end
7. (1:52) Cool pop beat
8. (5:15) sparse repetitive beat, toe-tapping, less involved
9. (3:11) tense, super sped up stutters, Meow bass line
10. (1:58) develops fuzzy MBV edge
11. (2:52) Philip Glass opening with guitar, heart and soul
12. (3:53) minimal video game levels group around a note, eventually expands
*13. (5:57) quiet, restrained, sparse at first, synth bare melody, slowly layers build
14. (1:46) crystalline sparkling guitar
15. (5:35) Alarm noise turns into high pitched loops with stutter beat, more experimental, loosens out, quiet fade out
16. (4:43) Ballerina jewelry box intro, fuzzy indiscernible vocals

Track Listing
1. The Big She   6. Liberal Christian Youth Ministry
2. Emerald Atmosphere   7. Cityscape Floated
3. Imaginelectric   8. Speeding Feathers Staring
4. Aura Peeled Off   9. (A) Shows (B) His Analysis And (C) Looked Over
5. Out Of The Crown Head   10. Physical Consciousness Went In