Beautiful Eulogy / Instruments Of Mercy
Album: Instruments Of Mercy   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Beautiful Eulogy   Added:Jan 2014
Label:Humble Beast Records  

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Album Review
librae jackson
Reviewed 2014-01-10
Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Beautiful Eulogy is one of music's best kept secrets, though worthy of worldwide popularity. Rarely can artists achieve the feat of spreading their style across a variety of genres, while retaining a unique sound, distinctly their own. Beautiful Eulogy has managed to accomplish this with their music. Though underground hip hop in essence, they push beyond the boom bap, and go for a more sonic aesthetic. Their particular brand of hip hop is a seamless blend of folk, electronica and modern rock - all with a hard enough foundation to handle the lyrical weight that comes with it. And yes, these emcees do bring it. Their syncopation is flawless. Braille and Odd Thomas are both highly skilled rappers and spoken word poets, on their own. With combined forces, their lyrical onslaught is unprecedented. The artistry is unmistakable, but the ministry is the obvious focus. They have a clear message to present, and are unabashedly deliberate, in the delivery of it. The 3rd member of the group is producer, Courtland Urbano, whose beats are crafted from a rich palette of organic sounds, forming a style suitable to accompany the wide-ranging vocal technique of the emcees. The musicality is even more notable, given the fact that no samples were used. Gospel hip hop is the category, while deejays of other persuasions will appreciate and want to play this. Instruments of Mercy is an excellent follow-up to Beautiful Eulogy's 2012 debut release, Satellite Kite (also highly recommended). Both albums are available for free download at: An instrumental version of this album is available on itunes.

Recommended: 2, 3, 5, 9, 12

1. Cello from Portland (2:30)
Unique intro that begins with sounds of streaming water and chirping birds behind a guitar twang. A steady uptempo beat soon follows, laden with tambourines and an assortment of strings toward the end.

2. Vital Lens (2:57)
Slow tempo, with a very deep bass boom throughout, accompanied by xylophone sounds and precision flows, as the poets/emcees introduce what their music is all about. Nice follow-up to "An Open Letter to Whoever's Listening," from their first album.

3 . Exit Dial Tone (4:09)
Electro-rock groove, with an 80's "tainted love" swing. Lyrics match perfectly with every nuance of the beat, and encourage believers to "shine on" as "the light of the world."

4. The Size of Sin (1:49)
Short, but powerful track that opens with lovely acoustic strumming, followed by heavier guitar riffs. Subject matter: sin, judgment, redemption and mercy.

5. You Can Save Me (4:47)
Nice bouncy groove with irregular drum beat. Passionate flows with honest musings about religion, truth and what it takes to save a soul. Chorus sung with female vocals that have a modern rock tinge, reminiscent of the Cranberries.

6. Instruments of Mercy (4:15)
Mid-tempo rock swing, with light xylophone and acoustic guitar, for a happy feel, backed by steady hand claps and other percussive sounds. Multi-vocal chorus sung, in between rap verses that describe how God uses people as instruments, tuning them unto good sounds, for His glory and the good of others.

7. Symbols and Signs (3:44)
Uptempo electro-house bump over rock noise and abstract percussion. Lyrics speak about the deceptive mind manipulation of false churches. At the end, poet Propaganda drops a spoken word piece about shaky hopes of those who look for signs and wonders.

8. Blessed are the Merciful (3:01)
Sermon excerpt about love, in the light of what Jesus did.

9. Release Me From This Snare (3:36)
Outstanding track that includes sounds of running water, crickets and chirping birds, as emcees spit rapid fire lyrics that echo King David's acknowledgement of iniquity in Psalm 32.

10. Organized Religion (2:58)
Guest emcees Jackie Hill and Eshon Burgundy contribute verses about spirituality being a heart matter. Uptempo synth-laden groove with nice use of organ sounds.

11. According to God (3:47)
Slow tempo rock groove with deep lyrics of self-analysis, tempered by Biblical thoughts.

12. Raise the Bridge (2:07)
Short, gorgeous instrumental jam that sums up the groups production style.

13. The Size of Grace (2:23)
Pensive track that opens with sounds of running waters, as clear Gospel lyrics are aptly spoken to a simple beat.

14. Acquired in Heaven (5:22)
Steady electric guitar riff, accompanied by subtle synth sounds and worshipful, poetic lyrics that provide a Biblical view of Heaven. The title is a beautiful play on words, and a description of the song's theme.

Librae Jackson (brother brae)

Track Listing
1. Cello From Portland   8. Blessed Are The Merciful
2. Vital Lens   9. Release Me From This Snare
3. Exit Dial Tone   10. Organized Religion
4. The Size Of Sin   11. According To God
5. You Can Save Me   12. Raise The Bridge
6. Instruments Of Mercy   13. The Size Of Grace
7. Symbols And Signs   14. Acquired In Heaven