Black Witchery / Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom
Album: Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom   Collection:General
Artist:Black Witchery   Added:Sep 2014
Label:Nuclear War Now!  

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Album Reviews
jessica rylan
Reviewed 2015-04-29
Black Witchery - Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
Nuclear War NOW! Productions

This cd is a re-release of the first full length by Black Witchery (formerly: Witchery, Irreverent), originally released on Full Moon Productions in 2001, and then re-released by current label NWN!P in 2002 and several times subsequently. There is not a lot of information available on this American band (though rumor has it they are seriously into powerlifting), but the cd stands on its own, in any time. Murky black metal that leans more to the death/thrash side than the melodic side. While the guitar playing can become repetitive, the drumming is brutal and disturbed throughout. But my absolute favorite part of the album is the incomprehensible distorted vocal punch-ins on the opener, which return on the closer. Love it!

FCC clean: ain’t nobody going to understand a word of this. But, doesn’t appear to contain any cursing. Obviously, is blasphemous.

Standouts: 1, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11

1 Desecration of the Holy Kingdom 5:01 - Punctuated by baffling distorted vocal punch-ins.
2 Crush the Messiah 2:41 - verges on a grind feel in the middle
3 Blasphemous Onslaught - slow start, keeps picking up steam
4 Command of the Iron Baphomet 3:17 - Surprise guitar solo, really just a defeated squeal.
5 Unholy Vengeance of War 3:42 - Probably my least favorite, guitar line is repetitive and sing-songy but the transitions to 6/8 keep it going
6 Into Damnation Eternal 3:06 - I don’t understand how a human can play drums like this
7 Chaostorms of Demonic Hate 3:30 - The bass line on this one is a constant hail of noise
8 Invincible Antichrist Victory 2:04 - more distinct production than most of the tracks. Ripper.
9 The Angelholocaust 2:47 - driving and persistent
10 Ritual (Blasphemy cover) - More guttural vocal style.
11 Deathrash (Sarcofago cover) - more of the vocal punch-in mess. They sound like they’re really enjoying this one!
Dark Emperor
Reviewed 2014-09-28
Raw old-school Black/Death Metal from the USA, that sounds a lot like Impeity, Deiphago, Archgoat, etc. This stuff is raw and you will instantly feel it. Furious riffs, thundering drums and demolishing vocals (for the style). Most of the outfits that play this kind of blasphemy are a three piece and Black Witchery keeps that stereotype alive. Quite blasphemous lyrics but musically they are pure evil and destruction. Definitely an acquired taste, but surely an exercise in brutality – for people looking for something extreme. NOTE: production has the cymbals sounding a bit hissy… not a broken CD or anything.

No FCC’s – Quite surprisingly well written lyrics

1. (04:59) After cliché atmospheric opening this blows wide open with raw brutality (3 out of 5)
2. (02:40) Filthy rawness in its best form. Blistering drums and incisive riffs (4 out of 5)
3. (01:43) Short and sweet, this is fast as fvck and devastating… much like all here (4 out of 5)
4. (03:16) Leveling riffs and funky bass lines on top of more brutality (3.5 out of 5).
5. (03:41) ‘Elegant’ drumming showcasing that the band is not just blasting away at their instruments randomly (3.5 out of 5).
6. (03:02) Nice weaving guitar riffs with a brilliant Black and Roll passage (4.5 out of 5)
7. (03:29) Expected more from the creepy intro….. (3 out of 5)
8. (02:01) Demonic vocals (you HAVE to hear them) will creep you out and surely wake you up as well (4 out of 5).
9. (02:42) Whaaaat? The band actually knows how to play (not just blast away) and the show it here… for a minute or two. (4 out of 5)
10.(3:21) Blasphemy (band) cover. Would have made the original band proud! (4 out of 5)
11.(1:46) Cover of Sarcofago. Quite nicely done (3.5 out of 5)

Track Listing
1. Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom   5. Unholy Vengeance Of War
2. Crush The Messiah   6. Into Damnation Eternal
3. Blasphemous Onslaught   7. Chaostorms Of Demonic Hate
4. Command Of The Iron Baphomet   8. Invincible Antichrist Victory
  9. The Angelholocaust