Elaquent / Green Apples And Oranges
Album: Green Apples And Oranges   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Elaquent   Added:Oct 2014
Label:Urbnet Records  

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Album Review
lionel hutz
Reviewed 2014-10-16
Instrumental hip-hop. No real curveballs here, but it is really well executed. All very mellow, and pretty funky (and pretty pretty, in places). Reminds me a lot of Count Bass D and MF DOOM's production work, but a bit cleaner and shinier.

RIYL: Count Bass D's "Some Music" beat tapes, MF DOOM's "Special Herbs" instrumentals, Daedelus' mellow stuff, jazzy 90's hip-hop beats

1. clean rhodes, bells, lightly chopped drum break. vocal sample (“come on y’all, get live get down”). moog-y synth enters later on, along with squelchy bassline. 3:42
2. low-volume sampled horn squiggle to open, like the start of an educational film strip. horn comes back lighter later and is a bit reminiscent of doom’s special herbs stuff. occasional vocal samples, warm bassline, pitched up female choral vocal sample in the background. 2:48
3. twinkling keys, synth wash, a bit of electric piano. big slightly squelchy bassline enters around 0:30 along with slow heavy kicks. wailing female vocal sample intermittently throughout. glitches out a bit in the last 10 seconds. slightly wistful/regretful vibe. 2:59
4. slow ticky breakbeat, synth washes, squelchy bassline. undulating synth line that could be the dominant part of the song is wisely kept subdued so that things stay dreamy. unintelligible vocodered vocals weave in and out. a bit of chopped flute sample and female syllables in the last third. 3:48
5. bouncy, upbeat. slightly squelchy bassline, ticky woodblocks. no decay on the kick. repeated chopped female syllable. dam-funk type synth washes enter just after 1:00. breakdown around 2:00. reminds me of dam-funk and onra and that sort of laid back 80s funk influenced stuff. 3:55
6. a bit of regular piano, a bit of electric piano, some synths. shuffling beat. might use the same (slightly dissonant) horn sample as dj krush’s “edge of blue” (and a beastie boys song i can’t remember). keys get a little waterlogged later on. not sure if the title is a reference to the tyler, the creator song with erykah badu? it does have a similarly mellow feel. 2:33
7. like upbeat but mellow 90s east coast hip-hop production. glistening keys, drum breaks. more layers of keys added as the song progresses, and a bit of something that sounds like a theremin at points. bassline gets squelchy later. 2:40
8. bongos, piano, electric piano, breaks, tambourine, female vocals. more synth around 1:10. synths swirl and keys get a bit of warping and reverb in the second half. 2:57

recommended: 3, 1, 5, 6

Track Listing
1. Alone At Last   5. The Little Things You Do
2. The Official   6. Treehome 94 1/2
3. Aurora (Feat. Esta)   7. Almost There (Feat. Budamunk)
4. Oreos   8. Sayonara (Closure)