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Album: Vibes   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2014
Label:Times Music India  

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Album Review
Kamla Bhatt
Reviewed 2014-10-19
Mixtape of dance music featuring bhangra hip-hop, trance & Bollywood music from artists around the world. You can hear Hindi, Punjabi, English & Hinglish (mix of Hindi English) in these tracks.

FCC Track #1, #4, .

1. (FCC): Techno/synth tune. Mid-tempo. Danish/Indian
2. Robust, bhangra beat. Mid-tempo to fast.
3. Mid-tempo. English words with bhangra rhythm.
4. (FCC) Hip-hop tune & Punjabi/English words by Quebec-based The Bilz & Kashif.
**5.Mid-tempo Hip-hop in English/Punjabi by "Punjabi Rapper" aka Roger David, a Pakistani American rapper.
**6. Hard Kaur is a British Punjabi musician.Middle-Eastern influenced hip-hop.
**7. Old style hip-hop? Has an interesting sound. Check it out.
**8. Old style bhang tune mixed with new sounds.Interesting.
**9. An interesting fusion of bhang + hip-hop by Canadian artist**
**10. Jugni is an old Punjabi folk tune. DJ Vivek's reimagination
that fuses Punjbi with modern beat & a tinge of Caribbean flavor.
11. Kind of monotonous drone that works in a strange way esp on the dance floor.
12. Hip-hop/R&B number. Mid-tempo
13. R&B influenced track. A brave attempt?
***14. A well-known Punjabi folk song. Robust bhangra tempo. This is Bombay Rockers, a Danish/Indian group's version.
15. Mid-temp to fast percussion track with minimal vocals. Middle Eastern flavor.
16. Bollywood Lust is the name of this trance-ey/drone-ey (can I say that) track. Heavy breathing denotes lust?
***17. Karsh Kale's the title sums it up - it is eccentric & interesting.
***18. One of Midival Punditz's best tracks. Fast-paced bhagra infused track.
19. Trance mix & female vocals drifts in and out.

Kamla - October 2014

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Bombay Rockers Wild Rose
2. Akash Sagar Ft Bikram Singh Bhangra Pauna 0.9
3. Shakti Ft. Bikram Singh Do The Thang Thang
4. Bilz, The Punjabi Whisper Pt.2
5. Punjabi Rapper, The Taez Zindagi (Ride With Me)
6. Mentor Ft. Hard Kaur Party In Bombay
7. Rip Family Rip It Up
8. Bobby B Ek Kudi
9. Kat Eyez O.P.P. Official Project Puerto Rico
10. Dj Vivek Jugni
11. Shahin Badar Punjabi Di Rani
12. Messari Be Easy
13. Ceejay Unobtainable
14. Bombay Rockers Ari Ari Part-2
15. Harem Clap The Buka
16. R-H Bollywood Lust
17. Karsh Kale Manifest (Yossi Fine's Eccentric Remix)
18. Midival Punditz Bhangra Fever (Heavy Nitro Mix)
19. Niyaz Dilruba (Andy Gray Grayed Out Remix)