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Artist:Real Numbers   Added:Nov 2014
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Album Review
Sick Wolfe
Reviewed 2014-11-20
Real Numbers is straight out of San Francisco, where they have almost all of their shows. They’re a rock/power pop/ indie rock/ surf rock group and always feature drums and a guitar that sounds echoey in the way that surf rock guitar does. Most of their songs are very short so they can fill in for a quick transition song.

Sounds like Weezer, Pomplamoose, Fountains of Wayne, Surfer Blood
Recommended tracks: 6, 7, 8, 11, 12

(1:54) Perils of Pauline - Lots of background drums and guitar. Upbeat song with almost incomprehensible vocals. Starts almost immediately but has a few seconds of silence at the end.
(0:56) Torn Up - Starts hard with drums and vocals. Two guys are singing (one with a very high pitch). “Torn up oooo” are the only lyrics.
(2:03) Only Two Can Play - Tambourines and synths. Very upbeat and happy with some whistles featured in. Sounds like a song to drive to. Another few seconds of silence at the end.
(2:09) This Time He’s Gone Too Far - Jumpy guitar twangs. Has the whole low pitch singing and high pitch singing again. Also has a couple breaks in the song where it’s just synths, drums, and guitar. Silence from 2:03 to ending
(1:03) Up & About - Drums, guitar, and a surprise woodblock. Happy yet mysterious-sounding vocals. Short with silence at the end again.
*(2:43) Ordeal - Guitar chord intro. Much more comprehensible vocals in this one. A happy, tambourine featuring, surf rock song with electronic sounds in the middle. Silence for almost 10 seconds at the end. BEWARE.
*(2:01) Tear It In Two - Super cool bass intro. Drums and guitar enter. Far-away sounding vocals. Lots of twangs and drum rolls -- sounds cool.
*(1:49) Pickney St. - Starts slow, speeds up very quickly with a persistent background. Vocals don’t have much tone to them but it’s a good contrast to the beat. Interesting alternative rock song - play it if you are open to mixing it up.
(1:35) Might I See You Tonight - Jumpy guitar twangs again, speeds up similar to previous song. Another persistent background with lots of mention of the title of the song. Ends with short guitar twangs and then few seconds of silence.
(2:19) No Exceptions - (FCC?) Bass and guitar go back and forth for a while. Kickin rock beat with lots of bass strums. Two pitches to vocals (on the “oooo”s) - weirdly dissonant sounding. Can’t tell if he says fuck or father so take the chance if you want.
*(2:13) Loreen - The background is poppin but the there’s a low-key wailing type of singing. Still sounds happy and has a nice surf sounding guitar solo in the middle. Lots of bass strums again. 7 seconds of silence BEWARE
**(2:05) Boats & Cars - Persistent guitar twangs. Sounds like the beginning to Eye of the Tiger. More surf rock guitar that echoes and sounds amazing. Could be a song to surf to in the 60s. Comprehensible vocals too. Fades out early.
(1:35) All About You - Drum rolls and echoey guitar. Repetitive (says “about you” a LOT) - kind of the only words but has a great background.
(2:07) A Life In Films - Rockin guitar and drums yet again with some lush chords. Vocals are almost quieter than the music.
(1:26) Spirographic Skin - Much quicker tempo than the other songs - almost incessant sounding. Singing is at a less frantic tempo though. Awesome falling notes guitar break and ends in unison.
(2:42) Na Na Ooh - Cool bass line. More prominent drums than guitar on this one, but the guitar still has that echoing quality. Quick tempo but less frantic than the last song. Nice little drum kick to end the album.

Track Listing
1. Perils Of Pauline   9. Might I See You Tonight
2. Torn Up   10. No Exceptions
3. Onlly Two Can Play   11. Loreen
4. This Time He's Gone Too Far   12. Boats & Cars
5. Up & About   13. All About You
6. Ordeal   14. A Life In Films
7. Tear It In Two   15. Spirographic Skin
8. Pinckney St.   16. Na Na Ooh