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Artist:Lazy Kids, The   Added:Dec 2014

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Dr. Joseph
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Knock Knock, Pudding Head
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Album Review
Reviewed 2014-12-15
The Lazy Kids
Tunnel Visions
Reviewed by: Pixel

Quirky folk-rock 5-piece from Minneapolis with coed vocals and pretty string sections. The Lazy Kids (who met through Craigslist, believe it or not) incorporate everything from fuzzy folk-rock to funk to feel good country-ish pop on this release. The album is easy on the ears and admirably attempts diversity but in the end doesn’t sound as cohesive as it could be.

RIYL Modest Mouse, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, Later Shins stuff
FCC warnings: #1, 6
Favorites: 2, 3, 7, 11

1. (5:16) FCC warning (bullshit). Mid. A pretty solo riff joined by rough male vocals, full band, violin. Very Modest Mouse. Bridge is rather melancholy, but ends on a high note with tremolos.
2. (3:00) *Mid. Full band, coed vox, folky, catchy, hopeful and upbeat. Jammy section near the end is very nice.
3. (4:20) *Slow to mid. Bright, sunny, almost country-inspired. Coed vocals again, used very nicely. “Ain’t no shame for wantin’ to fly.”
4. (3:44) Slow to mid. Jumps right into a verry country-ish electric riff. Some heavier full band sections to reflect the title, “Belly of the Beast.” Ends pretty abruptly.
5. (5:44) Slow. Opens w/ soft fuzzy backdrop for pretty coed vox. Violins, guitar, some harmonica, soft drums played w/ brushes. Picks up volume + pace halfway through.
6. (3:38) FCC warning (fuckin'). Strange one, vocals more spoken than sung, makes them sound like Cake. Strings intro, then funky full band with noisy power chords, shredding etc.
7. (3:57) *Mid with some slow sections. Modest Mouse-y full band again. Call-and-response vocals like in #1. Didn’t like this one at first but the lovely slower, instrumental sections including the one that leads to another jam fade-out make up for it.
8. (4:07) Slow to mid. Beautiful strumming to start off. Light and breezy, full-country-sounding band, violin is really great here. Bridge guitar solo. Etc.
9. (3:56) Slow. Soft, sad, but with a silver lining. Wish the vocals were a little muted to match. Sample lyrics: “farewell to the glaciers/soon they will be like the Yeti/we’ll eat our spaghetti/oh, humans are the worst.” If you can get past that, sonically, the track is still pleasant and a welcome breather.
10. (2:26) Mid. Intro: cheerful electro haze with a female announcer speaking in Spanish… ??? unexpected. Then upbeat full band, female vox, and usual quirky staggered vocal rhythm.
11. (6:31) *Slow and mid. Is that a foghorn… no, just another string instrument. Very nice + relaxing intro, chorus is faster paced and more optimistic. Closes with some gritty guitars. They stuck the landing.

Track Listing
1. From Cripple Creek To Paradise   6. Ain't Past Mine
2. Dr. Joseph   7. Knock Knock, Pudding Head
3. Superboy   8. She Thinks She's A Knife
4. Belly Of The Beast   9. Humans
5. Strange Vessel   10. Handcuff King
  11. Acid Tree