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White Freckles
5. Dec 11, 2017: National Treasure
White Freckles, Put Your Number In My Phone
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Album Review
Reviewed 2015-02-03
Indie Rock / Indie Pop / A little psychedelic / A little experimental. First release by Ariel Pink without Haunted Graffiti. Expect noisy weird pop songs with multiple melody changes, terrible rhyming lyrics, and over the top sexuality. RIYL: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Panda Bear, Foxygen. FCC clean.

1. (3:28) Plastic Raincoats. Playful and poppy. Sounds like an Architecture in Helsinki rip-off. Most hated lyric in this song is “It’s a Tokyo night when you feel alright.” What does that mean? Screams oh yeah with childish backing vocals, then gong with explosion.
2. (2:46) White Freckles. ** Fast 80’s sounding airy guitar. Synth background. Much better than first track. Song is about a woman with white freckles. Laser noises and randomness. Has a good groove.
3. (3:28) Four Shadows. ** Heavy and dramatic. Macabre. Noisy laser sounding synth. Intense vocals.
4. (1:45) Lipstick. ** Sounds like a Men At Work song, except better. “Shower me in blood, child… Shower me in lipstick… Where are the girls?” Weird song…
5. (6:03) Not Enough Violence. ** Faux 80’s recreation and John Maus with the lyrics “Penetration time tonight.” Then cool instrumentals with synth and heavy drums, snares off, and strong bass drum. If the lyrics weren’t ridiculous this song would be cool. A couple minutes of awesome rock out.
6. (4:46) Put Your Number in my Phone. **Pretty song. Lyrics remind me of the Magnetic Fields. Acoustic pop with much bass.
7. (2:54) One Summer Night. **Cool intro, mellow vibe, floating along, poppy.
8. (5:07) Nude Beach A Go-Go. Messy instrumentals trying to sound 60’s. Completely stupid lyrics.
9. (2:20) Goth Bomb. Sounds like classic rock. Mini electric guitar solos. Gets weird when he starts saying gothic bomb and less rockish.
10. (4:15) Dinosaur Carebears. Generic fake Arabic music sample intro, noisy, and full of strange changeups. Gets cool around 3 minutes. Horn samples form something of a reggae vibe. Heavy bass.
11. (7:01) Negative Ed. *Noisy and fast rock. Strange vocals. “Negative Ed… yeah yeah yeah.
12. (7:14) Sexual Athletics. Grooving intro. “That’s why I’m the sex king” WTF? “I’m a sexual athlete… I eat raw meat..” If this is serious then he is an incredible narcissist.
13. (3:44) Jell-O. Says the word Jell-o a lot. Critique of average Americans. Kind of mocking.
14. (1:43) Black Ballerina. Funky fun melody. “Black ballerina, elevators, manufacturers…” weird song.
15. (7:33) Picture Me Gone. Vocals copying Magnetic fields, but a tenor. Random rhyming.
16. (3:54) Exile on Frog Street. * Strings and bass. Strange song. Sounds pretty cool, terrible rhyming. Spoken words, then instrumental. Multiple melody changes. Fades out at 30 seconds till end then comes back.
17. (3:10) Dayzed Inn Daydreams. ** Acoustic pretty song. Big sound at chorus. Backing vocalists. “I used to dream.”

Track Listing
1. Plastic Raincoats   9. Goth Bomb
2. White Freckles   10. Dinosaur Carebears
3. Four Shadows   11. Negativ Ed
4. Lipstick   12. Sexual Athletics
5. Not Enough Violence   13. Jell-O
6. Put Your Number In My Phone   14. Black Ballerina
7. One Summer Night   15. Picture Me Gone
8. Nude Beach A Go-Go   16. Eile On Frog Street
  17. Dayzed Inn Daydreams