Bridges, Jeff / Sleeping Tapes
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Album Review
Wallace Brontoon
Reviewed 2015-03-13
Experimental/spoken word/soporific music; weird and beautiful stuff. Jeff Bridges, the great actor, has released a few albums already; they're kinda standard bluesy stuff. This, however, is TREMENDOUS. The composer is the Keefus Ciancia, notable for doing music for "True Detective." This album is made in part to benefit "No Child Hungry." But... just so glad it exists. Beautiful experimental noises, weird things said (said wonderfully by Bridges). Just take it in.

No FCCs. Play anything (though check the times; some are long; some are short)

1. (2:14) ***** Swirly eerie sounds. Footsteps in gravel. "Sleeping tapes, I love what that implies..." Bridges wishes you luck with this album.
2. (2:09) *** Quiet start. Repetition of "sleep. dream. wakeup" with weird layered vocals, sounds like frogs at night. Gets doomy and dark; fades away.
3. (1:25) *** Sweet soft chimes, fuzzy. No talking on this one.
4. (2:53) **** "one of the things i do to relax... is to hum". Jeff Bridges hums (actually, sings) scratchily; soothing soft fill joins him. Soft and slow, peacful. Sound of children playing joins in for last 40 seconds.
5. (1:30) *** Echoey dialogue with Mr. Bridges and his wife-- "why don't you join me in humming"... she's skeptical. warpy, wind sounds throughout. She leaves.
6. (3:06) ** Children playing. Jeff Bridges talks to them and their parents. "I'll see you in my dreams." Eerie chimes join in for last forty seconds.
7. (0:54) *** "want a glass of water?" short track, soft backing; Jeff Bridges expounds on water.
8. (0:55) *** Water-plunking sounds, poetic reading. Lightning breaks, then rain. Hypnotic.
9. (1:06) **** Noodling saxophone over the water-plunking sounds. A story about a saxophonist using Silly Putty. Short and weird; some warp-o effects.
10. (1:03) **** Dry timbre. "When I die..." some robotic-type filters, over eerie bleepy noises. Nightmarish, but still sweet...
11. (2:25) ***** Delicate woodwindish sounds, new agish monologue about your keys... sounds like he's hypnotizing you, "you will rise to kiss me now". With long soft fade-out.
12. (11:04) ****** (non-fcc: "ass", just fwiw) The LONG track here. A hike through Temescal Canyon, narrated insistently. Waving to a hiker. Dog and office chair. Pretending to be crows. (Foley work and soft droney lush sounds throughout) Babbling brook, and train. Skipping stones. Spanish Conquistadors. Reaching the top, hanggliding. -- sounds become more ethereal. Weird, wonderful.
13. (3:27) **** Synthy plunking. Jeff Bridges gives you affirmations, many right after another. Choral "ah"ing in background.
14. (5:18) ** Jeff Bridges ponders philosophically about what he is seeing, a mote in his eyelids. Very mumbly, compared to the rest.
15. (3:44) A toilet filling, Jeff Bridges loves the sound. "You've reached the end of this album." He recommends re-starting it; (old carnival music, echoey, enters)-- he plugs No Kid It fades out with weird echoey repetition of 'we're all in this together'

Track Listing
1. Introduction (Good Evening)   8. The Raven
2. Sleep. Dream. Wakeup   9. The Hen
3. Chimes For Dreams   10. Ikea
4. Hummmmmmm   11. My Keys
5. Goodmorning, Sweetheart   12. Temescal Canyon
6. See You At The Dreaming Tree   13. Feeling Good
7. A Glass Of Water   14. Seeing With My Eyes Closed
  15. Goodnight (We're All In This Together)