Various Artists / Le Pop 8: Les Chansons De La Nouvelle Scène Française
Album: Le Pop 8: Les Chansons De La Nouvelle Scène Française   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Mar 2015
Label:Le Pop Musik  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2015-06-22
Le Pop 8 - Les Chansons de la Nouvelle Scène Française, V/A
Label: Le Pop Musik - LPM42-1
Released: 14 Nov 2014
Genre: Pop, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Chanson (Singer songwriter)

DJ Click / Waves Reviewed 2015-2-21
Nice collection of French Pop songs by various artists.  Some seem more interesting to listen to, but all are decent for a sexy romantic poppy punctuation, a cinematic quality on many tracks, which overall reminds me of French Yo La Tengo or Belle & Sebastian across many tracks, see individual track reviews for detail.
Fav:  2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13
No FCCs in English

1.  Sur le dancefloor 3:15  ARTIST: Liz De Lux
Female vocals, upbeat yet melancholy, minor chords, strumming guitar driven surf chords, bass and keyboards support, with a lighter pop melody going over and through.  It has over all has french kitschy feel, intense, folksy, a bit melancholy.

2.  Je me suis fait tout petit 4:42 ARTIST: Mustang (5)
Swirly keyboard and bass driven.  male singer, lounge-like (Elvis-like), soft, romantic.  Full band swirls in and out of a more intimate quieter arrangement.  Bass guitar and effects very surf-y.  Melodic, beautiful, dreamy, seductive.  It may have you in a swoon.  Ends with quiet finality.

3.  La traversee 3:18  ARTIST: Maissiat
Starts quiet & reflective, transitions to rich, intense piano and drums, female lead enters, with trembling passion.  Minor chords, epic and full, lightened by xylophone tinkling.  Ends unfinished, waiting..

4.  Pendant que je me parle 2:52  ARTIST: Fredda
Starts a journey, echoey guitars, folksy female french soft vocals romancing us along with the guitars.  Tender and sweet swaying in the wind, while the guitars jangle, light orchestral filling in the sound.

5.  A la vie, a la mort 3:14 ARTIST: Nicolas Michaux
Keyboard beeping, time passing and a male vocals come in and light supporting soft guitars (a la Belle and Sebastian) quiet, contemplative, vacillating realistic to hopeful.  Nice jangle guitar break at 1:50. Kinda fades off.

6. Naomi Aime 3:27  ARTIST:  Babx
Starts with piano, female chorus sets the tone, with modern male voice storytelling over the top.  Soft and lulling pop song.

7. Christine 2:45 ARTIST: Juniore
Cinematic and sexy music with jangle guitars and lovely and sensual female vocals.  Seductive and fun.

8. Ocean 3:50 ARTIST: Matthiew Chedid
Starts soft poppy, falsetto male vocals over beat with light guitar.  Sexy, light, airy, whispery vocals, French, reminds me of champagne and the beach discotheque.

9.  Don't let me go 2:48 ARTIST: Jimmy Hunt
Beatles type vibe, guitar like Norwegian Wood or Michelle.  But different enough, it's very sweet.  Mix of male and female vocals over guitar, yet very full and sensual sound.

10. Aux debutants de l'amour 2:45  ARTIST: Vianney
Male signing over simple emphatic guitar like Gotye project, little keyboard for emphasis.  Style plaintive, passionate, a bit whiney.

11.  Une dernière danse 2:28  ARTIST: Benjamin Schoos
Feel good beat, upbeat modern pop, sexy mixed male and female vocals.  Whimsical & happy.

12.  Un deluge 3:59  ARTIST: Betrand Belin
Rich sexy male voice over simple beat and riffy surfy guitar, sets a laid back interesting mood, a bit 60's pop yet reminds me of K Records whimsy.

13.  La filles aux chevaux de soie 3:52 ARTIST: Francois &  thé Atlas Mountains
Softer Nico-like voice over a dance-y piano groove.  Romantic, with some pretty swells with strings and light brush drumming.  A bit Belle & Sebastian musically.

14.  En surface 2:18  ARTIST:  Etienne Daho & Dominique A.
Dramatic male vocals (ala Depeche Mode) over strings, create a pensive, dramatic, cinematic sound with a romantic orchestral swells.

15.  Pas faux 3:20 ARTIST: JP Nataf
Thin male voice over very dance-y guitar & beat, pensive and a bit epic feeling with minor chords, and light keyboard backing.

16.  Je Mentirais  3:40  ARTIST: Sammy Decoster
Starts soft and like 60's slow dance song, sweet swooning male singing over amplified acoustic guitar playing wafting tune and simple percussive elements and keyboard.  Ends like a sweet "goodnight."

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Liz De Lux Sur Le Dancefloor
2. Mustang (5) Je Me Suis Fait Tout Petit
3. Maissiat La Traversée
4. Fredda Pendant Que Je Me Parle
5. Nicolas Michaux À La Vie, À La Most
6. Babx Naomi Aime
7. Juniore Christine
8. Matthieu Chedid Océan
9. Jimmy Hunt Don't Let Me Go
10. Vianney Aux Débutants De L'amour
11. Benjamin Schoos Une Dèrniere Danse [Feat. Laetitia Sadier]
12. Bertrand Belin Un Déluge
13. Frànçois And The Atlas Mountains La Fille Aux Cheveux De Soie
14. Etienne Daho & Dominique A En Surface
15. Jp Nataf Pas Faux
16. Sammy Decoster Je Mentirais