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Artist:Vision Fortune   Added:Jun 2015
Label:Atp Recordings  

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Back Crawl Ii
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Drunk Ghost

Album Review
DJ Muscat
Reviewed 2015-06-12
Headline: Two brothers go stir-crazy in a rural Italian villa and return bearing a CD of inhuman shamanistic grooves. Curdles the milk of every cow in a 3-mile radius

Weirdo spooky scary no-wave style rock. At times a little one-dimensional and they reuse the same tricks throughout the album but damn there’s a lot of potential here. Play this to scare all your nieces and nephews.

Others: Liars, Talk Normal, Neptune, Snowman, Disappears, New War

Favorites: 3, 7, 12, 8, 9, 1, 6. No discernible FCCs.

1.(3:58) *** Begins with bare bass drum. Turns into stiff little beat…out of nowhere clanging church bell and overlapping male vocals.
2.(4:04) This thing just hits you immediately with cavernous creative percussion. Small bits of distortion and noise form the “melody” of this whirring little beast. 3 minutes in vocals enter
3.(4:06) *** Faster…nice nimble drumming. Droning vocals and some more very manipulated church bell if I’m hearing correctly…hippie forest cult music turned scary like human sacrifice ritual scary. Midway through changes tone…muted brass and watery guitar
4.(3:45) Ambient…then toying around on a drum machine…basically spoken vocals…flips itself on its head with 1:00 left. This is a strange album
5.(0:59) Drum machine plus bloopy synth
6.(2:52) ** Eerie grave snatching music…jerky drums…spooky half chant vocals. Turns more electronic and tense
7.(3:35) *** Wow this is actually really pretty. Ritualistic drumming. I knew you guys had it in you
8.(3:19) *** More melodic than most songs on here. Anxious undercurrent. Gets all no-wavey.
9.(2:16) *** Holy moses am I afraid. Like some demented choral music with reversed sounds and stuttering drums…what in the world
10.(1:50) ** Bass-led. Drill-bit guitar. Similar percussion as throughout
11.(3:03) Whirring…weird. Nothing new than the other tracks…still cool though. Play with next track if you dare
12.(6:38) *** Messed up staccato drumming that fades in and out with various effects. Very atmospheric. With ~4min left the frankenstein's monster lifts itself to its feet and marches into the horizon. Jackhammer finish.

Track Listing
1. Blossom   7. Sandrino
2. Habitat   8. Stalker
3. Dry Mouth   9. Drunk Ghost
4. Cleanliness   10. Broken Ghost
5. Tita   11. New Jack City
6. Tied And Bound   12. Back Crawl Ii