Dj Cam / Miami Vice
Album: Miami Vice   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Dj Cam   Added:Jul 2015
Label:Inflamable Records  

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1. Sep 03, 2015: subwoofer etc
Music To Drive By Feat. Mc Eiht, Street Life Feat. Mc Eiht, Welcome To Little Haiti, Move That Dope
4. Aug 13, 2015: subwoofer etc
A Dangerous Method, Love Theme
2. Aug 31, 2015: Breakaway Year 1000, 8000
Crockett’S Theme
5. Aug 06, 2015: subwoofer etc
Street Life Feat. Mc Eiht
3. Aug 20, 2015: subwoofer etc
Crockett’S Theme, On Ocean Drive, Weather Underground
6. Jul 31, 2015: Pumping Iron
Music To Drive By Feat. Mc Eiht

Album Review
lionel hutz
Reviewed 2015-07-20
instrumental hip-hop/electronica/hip-hop

DJ Cam’s unauthorized/unofficial alternatesoundtrack for “Miami Vice” (the TV show version, IIRC). Feels a bit slight since some of the tracks are pretty short, but probably isn’t any worse for it. No duds, and some definite gems. Good mix of synthier stuff and more sample based stuff, with MC Eiht adding guest verses on a couple grimy sparse rap tracks. Short tracks could make good sound beds, or similar/complementary ones could be played together (e.g. 4 & 12, 6 & 11, 7 & 14).

FCCs: 3, 9

1. waves lapping the shore. mid-paced but upbeat drum machine w/ handclaps, streaks of dusky synth, then higher synth line later. squelchy beeps and additional tumbling percussion around midpoint, then pares back. 2:17
2. slow 808 with big kick, then descending chimes and some snares lead to smeared synths and male vox. pulls off the phil collins vocal interpolation without being cheesy since it doesn’t pull anything else from the namesake. rattles along nicely throughout. synths remind me a bit of tyler, the creator’s production. 2:39
3. (FCC: muhfuckin) spare beat, skittery kicks and snares, chimes, scratched hook. shimmer from the chimes provides most of the melody, but you get an occasional streak of g-funk style moog. gruff street raps from MC eiht, hanging out, trying to have fun, being ready for violence. a bit of a bassline at the end, fades out on chimes. 4:05
4. echoed but otherwise very dry 303-sounding notes, big skittish spiraling drum machine, pitch-shifted chopped vocals saying the title. beat turns around and new synth layer gets added, then reverts to original configuration. wish this was longer. 1:48
5. chopped distant vocal sample, then sunny piano loop and upbeat drum machine, more bright synth a bit later. later, standup bass and spare glockenspiel with lots of reverb. darkens a bit at points with less bright melody and more pensive rhythm, but always gets sunny again. 4:48
6. classic jazzy east-coast style nocturnal piano loop and drum break. doesn’t really change up too much, but very pleasant, would be a fine segue or soundbed. 2:08
7. upbeat drum machine, steady 4/4 kicks and claps, rich low bassline, synth pads over top. a bit of high whiny synth later. dark mysterious synth melody added later, then other elements pare back in the end. 1:46
8. chopped indecipherable male vox, stuttery southern rap 808s, deep shifty bassline. clear debt to three 6 mafia and the like. hazy synths over top in second half. lots of nice little sonic details scattered throughout. 2:10
9. (FCC: muhfucka, fuckin) fantic clipped sample of ESG’s “UFO”, more stuttery southern rap 808s. eiht talking drug dealer gangsta shit. bleeps later and low gunshots for snares on the hook. ends on a couple bars of just the kick. 3:01
10. mid-tempo 808 and wistful steel drums, synth whine over top a bit later. 4/4 claps over the sparse kicks towards the end. slight but very pleasant, another i wish were longer. 2:03
11. more chill east coast style piano loop and drum break stuff, sunnier than #6. chopped indecipherable male vox. some squelchy synth melody in the second half. 2:04
12. pitched down “make em clap to this” sample, same textures as #4, feels like a slower more reflective reprise of that track. 1:17
13. hazy electric piano streaks, slow spare drum break, bits of rhythm guitar. something reminds me of a dj spooky song, maybe that opening sample? shortest one on here. 0:59
14. 4/4 kick, ticky cymbal, strutting bassline, hazy dusky synth pads, kicks hiccup and breakdown at points and don’t stay totally 4/4 throughout. probably the most propulsive thing on here. another one that could use an extended version. 2:07

recommended: 5, 3, 9, 10, 4, 2

Track Listing
1. Crockett?S Theme   8. Inside The Strip Club
2. In The Air Tonight Feat. Earl Davis   9. Street Life Feat. Mc Eiht
3. Music To Drive By Feat. Mc Eiht   10. A Dangerous Method
4. Move That Dope   11. End Title
5. Love Theme   12. Welcome To Little Haiti
6. Tubbs? Theme   13. Weather Underground
7. The Chase   14. On Ocean Drive