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Album Review
Mr. Tumnus
Reviewed 2015-08-15
Experimental electronic. Glitchpop. Extremely fragmented, to an extent which I expect even fans of this sort of music will find disorienting. The human voice, heavily layered and then stacked on top of itself. Moments of catchiness dissolve into a thousand little shards, and then reassemble into catchiness again. This is the sort of self-consciously intellectual postmodern music which I can’t say I really like, but I expect some people on the staff will appreciate it. I guess the idea is that we live in a fragmented world filled with distractions where it’s difficult for one lonely voice to stand out? Fair enough. I still found it kind of ugly listening.

Try 1, and if you like it, then you can explore the rest of the album.

1) “Interference” (4:43): Kind of an exhilarating chaos. Very high-pitched distorted voices.
2) “Chorus” (5:43): Very fragmented beginning coalesces into something pretty cool after about a minute. Quieter but less structured.
3) “Unequal” (5:09): I think this is a hymn? Opens with relatively undistorted human voice which she gradually begins to play with. Unsettling.
4) “Morning Sun” (5:20): Actually more of a melody here, with a recognizable chorus of voices.
5) “Locker Leak” (4:14): Tongue twisters are kind of the basis of this one. Voice speaks some recognizable phrases. “Glass lasts longest.”
6) “An Exit” (4:52): Little catchier and smoother. Although still smooth only by the standards of the album. It’s still really glitchy.
7) “Lonely at the Top” (4:30): Creepy female voice at the beginning. “Clients like you are a top priority.” Sounds like an excerpt from a therapist/massage session, with clicking sounds in the background. Rinsing sounds. Sexual but still FCC appropriate I guess.
8) “DAO” (4:13): Lots more clicking. Normal by the standards of this album. Operatic voice.
9) “Home” (5:50): I think maybe a little more pensive? Still not a very comforting or relaxing vision of home.
10) “New Ways to Love” (4:40): Bigger more emphatic pulses in the background. I guess the sound is just generally more stripped down and washed out, which makes sense on a last track.

--Mr. Tumnus

Track Listing
1. Interference   6. An Exit
2. Chorus   7. Lonely At The Top
3. Unequal   8. Dao
4. Morning Sun   9. Home
5. Locker Leak   10. New Ways To Love