Rundgren, Todd, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, Emil Nikolaisen / Runddans
Album: Runddans   Collection:General
Artist:Rundgren, Todd, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, Emil Nikolaisen   Added:Aug 2015
Label:Smalltown Supersound  

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Album Review
Clara Wolfe
Reviewed 2015-09-08
This is Todd Rundgren’s third album but this time he worked with Norwegian space-dynamo Emil Nikolaisen and Hans Peter-Lindstrom to create “Runddans”. The whole album is basically narrating childbirth mixed with a spiritual awakening (i.e Liquid Joy from the Womb of Infinity). This whole album is basically a lot of computer generated sounds all sweeping together to create this psychedelic rock/disco/soul/synth. There is one central lyric that shows up multiple times in different songs. It’s an interesting sound if you want to play something very dreamy and flowy.

FCC clean
RIYL: Pink Floyd, Flying Lotus, Tame Impala
Recommended: It’s recommended to play all the way through without cease but unless you have 39 minutes then play 2, 3, 5,6, 8,11
1. B for Birth (3:09) Starts out with a lot of random noises. Sort of like someone banging down on a synthesizer at random times. Leads into a dreamy-flowy section with a few words drifting around.
2. Liquid Joy from the Womb of Infinity (5:58)* As the name infers, these beeps and bloops sound pretty joyful and uptempo. Again a few distorted words are spoken. Almost sounds like background music to a computer game. Super fun to listen to.
3. Oppad, Over Skyene (2:17)* More swooping waves of sound. Fades into a chill, beachy vibe, if you could call it that. More random synthesizer sounds. Rhythmic tapping at the end.
4. Solus (1:40) Starts with tapping continued from previous track. Actual “singing” aka “ooooo” “aaaaa”. My Morning Jacket-esque.
5. Put Your Arms Around Me (3:53)** Comprehensible words! Much more structured than other tracks. Fades into waves of sound where the background swooshes compete with the vocals to be heard. Awesome guitar twangs.
6. Altar of Kauaian Six String (Todd’s Solo) (1:03)** Guitar solo. Super cool and fits perfectly with the album. Blends into the next track so much that they should be played together
7. Out of My Head (Lone Vibes) (1:58) Introduction of a sad xylophone. More “ooooo”s and sweeping waves of vocals layered over the xylophone.
8. Rundt Rundt Rundt (5:27)* More fun bleepy bloops. Gets into a quasi-Latin feel at one point. Similar to track 5.
9. Wave of Heavy Red (Disko-Nektar)** (5:19) Definitely sounds like waves of sweeping sound. Indie rock drums mixed with male vocals a few minutes in, but the vocals are layered with the synthesizer.
10. T.H.E Golden Triangle (Dry Mouthed Gargoyles in a Fountain of Fluorescent Shepard Tones) (1:18) Quiet beeps. Picture a “futuristic” piece of technology in an ‘80s movie backfiring. Also a phone dialing. Basically a lot of beeping.
11. Ravende Gal (Full Circle) (5:11)** Starts with male talking, like an intro to a conference, layered over some upbeat drums. Lots of echoing words and distortion. Most upbeat song so far but still lots of dissonance. Great vocals at the end.
12. Ohr.. Um.. Am.. Amen (Aftermath) (2:31) More sweeping waves of sound. Vocals are the same from a previous song. Fades out at 2 minute mark with 30 seconds of silence.

Track Listing
1. B For Birth   7. Out Of My Head (Lone Vibes)
2. Liquid Joy From The Womb Of Infinity   8. Rundt Rundt Rundt
3. Oppad, Over Skyene   9. Wave Of Heavy Red (Disko-Nektar)
4. Solus   10. T.H.E. Golden Triangle (Dry Mouthed Gargoyl)
5. Put Your Arms Around Me   11. Ravende Gal (Ful Circle)
6. Altar Of Kauaian Six String (Todd's Solo)   12. Ohr.. Um... Am.. Amen (Aftermath)