Floating Points / Elaenia
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Artist:Floating Points   Added:Jan 2016

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1. Nov 10, 2021: Bass Pro Shop (rebroadcast from Dec 2, 2018)
4. Oct 04, 2017: The Nick & James Show
Thin Air, Argenté
2. Dec 02, 2018: Bass Pro Shop
5. Jul 11, 2016: Life Aquatic
Silhouettes (I, Ii & Iii)
3. Oct 05, 2017: moodswings: the BOOporium
Peroration Six
6. Jun 02, 2016: Ode to Year One
Silhouettes (I, Ii & Iii)

Album Review
Reviewed 2016-01-13
– General Description:
Floating Points (aka FloPo) is a loose collection of musicians with Sam Shepherd as the core. Shepherd is a UK producer/musician who has also trained in neuroscience and epigenetics. He has quite a following so you should delve into more of the online reviews which will provide much more info. The theme of this collection is transfiguration with pieces seemingly striving to evolve into an aural ethereality with a beat; it also has a very choral-quality to it. This shouldn’t be surprising as Shepherd grew up singing in the Manchester Cathedral Boys Choir and has studied composition and piano. The track “Elaenia” was supposedly inspired by a dream and it’s Shepherd soloing using a Fender Rhodes electric piano and some eldritch analog synthesizers. All the tracks have a certain minimalism quality with extended sonic reaching which is general babble for “this sounds like someone has seriously listened to their loops and synths”. When Shepherd is playing with others, the full-band Floating Points instrumentation additionally provides electric bass, guitar, piano, live drums, and strings. NOTE: Be aware as a DJ that the quiet parts can be very quiet and 2 tracks are not as long as listed.

– FCC Compliant: YES
– Recommended Tracks: 2, 7
– Track Reviews:

1. (5:08) Nespole - Sheperd solo; pushes synth sound through the air as you dance lightly underneath dodging it; abrupt ending
2. (10:43) Silhouettes (I, II, III) - full-band playing; wap you in the face and back off beginning, then the exploration begins with strong percussion that settles into repeated step-wise arpeggiations, it’s a movie; abrupt ending
3. (7:15) Elaenia - Sheperd solo; very quiet opening 6 sec; boing boing boing fizzle; more dark and slow but a melody does creep in; really gets quiet at the end
4. (4:34) Argente - Sheperd solo; more arpeggiation, very keyboardy, gets louder and louder; abrupt ending
5. (3:59) Thin Air - Sheperd solo; syncopation exercise and more increasing volume; frog-like sounds; no sound last 5 sec
6. (5:47) For Marmish - full-band playing; quiet opening then mood music over a mostly steady beat; very quiet ending
7. (5:15) Peroration Six - full-band playing; insect-like pedal sound increasing in volume and riding with the percussion until they fall off the horse at 5:03, then silence

Track Listing
1. Nespole   4. Argenté
2. Silhouettes (I, Ii & Iii)   5. Thin Air
3. Elaenia   6. For Marmish
  7. Peroration Six