Botany / Dimming Awe, The Light Is Raw
Album: Dimming Awe, The Light Is Raw   Collection:General
Artist:Botany   Added:Jan 2016
Label:Western Vinyl  

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Album Review
DJ Muscat
Reviewed 2016-01-22
Genre: beats, hip-hop, chlorophyll, fungi

Texas-based producer making music in the well-worn vein of downtempo, hip-hop inflected, electronica. BUT, for me, Botany is a cut above the rest. Lovely, intuitive melodies and inventive beats keep his albums from growing stale. It’s also exciting to see him move into somewhat different territory here, with well-integrated guest stars offering a new dimension. Highly recommended, and make sure to check out his debut album “Lava Diviner” as well.

Favorites: 2, 3, 6, 8, 11, 10, 12. FCC: 9

Others: Flying Lotus, Teebs, Hanz

1. (1:27) Sungblood - Lo-fi feel, chiming notes. Woozy pitch-bent goodness. Great lead-in to next track.
2. (3:06) *** Raw Light Overture - Big thumping beat. Brilliant vocal sample manipulation. Layered, transfixing. Dancing in an underwater garden.
3. (2:32) ** Au Revoir ft. Milo - Laughing sample. Groovy, downtempo beat à la Brainfeeder. Some interesting delay on the vocals. The production + the rapping reminds me a little of Earl Sweatshirt’s most recent album.
4. (2:41) Birthjays - Opens with what sounds almost like a clip from some 50’s tv show. Aimless synth exploration.
5. (2:41) Glow Up ft. Matthewdavid - Folktronica feel like Bibio with some nice twee vocals from Matthewdavid. Like walking in a park with your best friend.
6. (2:22) ** Jotu - Harder edged, excellent clattering percussion. Shamanistic electronica. Great repeating synth riff.
7. (1:25) All is Rite - Pretty dull ambient track…a little disappointing.
8. (6:13) ** Bad CGI - Soulful vocal sample. Pulsing, almost techno groove. A cool new look for Botany. Danceable and emotive. Really comes into its own in the middle section. We leave the underwater garden village and head into a sunlit clearing. Mystical, beatless outro.
9. (3:12) No Translator ft. Milo - FCC “f*ck”. Twinkling keys. More stream-of-conscious wordplay from Milo.
10. (3:46) ** You might Be an Eye - Dream-pop electronica…gooey and spacious. Simple thumping rhythm.
11. (4:05) ** A-Word/Dim - Toys with a sample from a vintage record. Lo-fi and exquisite. Reminiscent of the Caretaker but in a much lighter, airier mood. Fascinating listen.
12. (6:30) ** Monthiversary ft. RYAT - Gurgling backdrop. Ambient feel topped off with heavenly fem. vocals. Gorgeous, Julianna Barwick-esque track.

Track Listing
1. Sungblood   7. All Is Rite
2. Raw Light Overture   8. Bad Cgi
3. Au Revoir Ft. Milo   9. No Translator Ft. Milo
4. Birthjays   10. You Might Be An Eye
5. Glow Up Ft. Matthewdavid   11. A-Word/Dim
6. Jotu   12. Monthiversary Ft. Ryat