Various Artists / Scottish Folk, The Ultimate Guide Cd Ii
Album: Scottish Folk, The Ultimate Guide Cd Ii   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 2016
Label:Arc Music Inc.  

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Album Review
Margy Kahn
Reviewed 2016-01-27
This second CD of the compilation is even more awesome than the first; modern music styles mix with traditional to show the glory of Scottish culture and history. Faves: 3,4,5,6,10,11,12,15, 16, 17 No FCC's

1-4:10 – Brucie and the Troopers; very fast pipe and guitar tune

2-4:55- “I'm Gonna Do It All”; nice vocals and lyrics in English from Karine Polwart

*3-2:56 – slow air -- Alasdair and Paul Machlis fiddle tune; nice modulation

*4-3:34- “Scots Wha Hae” vocal by Isla St. Clair in Socts English – fierce and rousing w/drums&pipes

*5-3:49- fast pipe and drums tune, “Just for Seamus” – unusual and percussive

**6-4:31- beautiful Scots Gaelic from founder of legendary folk-rock band, Runrig, from Isle of Skye

7-4:51 -accordion version of pipe tune from Skippinish; slow and considered

8-5:13- electronica with English spoken word inserts about Scotland mixed with Gaelic; bits of harp

9-2:42- a capella version of “The Tryst” in Scots English; traditional style; clapping applause at end

*10-4:43- from band Ossian; fiddle, pipes, harp, lovely and lively

*11-3:42- soulful Gaelic singing by Ishbel MacAskill accompanied by Celtic harp

*12-7:36- “Proud to Play a Pipe,” scions of piper dynasties show how it's done

13- 4:07- Shetland fiddler Aly Bain plays “The Day Dawn” – evocative

14-2:42 – 23rd psalm in Gaelic; semi-operatic style (not my cup)

**15-4:48 – Runrig sings English backed by accordion for elegy to their forefathers' bravery in WWII

*16-3:51 – fast fiddle

*17-6:34-eerie music – electronic and pipes

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Slainte Mhath Bruce & The Troopers
2. Karine Polwart I'm Gonna Do It All
3. Alisdair Fraser & Paul Machlis Nighean Donn A.Chuailein Riomhaich
4. Isla St Clair Scots Wha Hae
5. Gordon Duncan Just For Seamus
6. Arthur Cormac & Blair Douglas Solus M'aigh
7. Skipinnish Colla Mo Run
8. Paul Mounsey Passing Away
9. Sheena Wellington The Tryst
10. Ossian B'e Sud An Gille Truagh
11. Ishbel Macaskill Thig An Smeorach As T-Earrach
12. Breabach Proud To Play A Pipe
13. Aly Bain The Day Dawn
14. Kenna Campbell 's E An Tighearna Mo...(Pslam 23)
15. Runrig The Old Boys
16. Archie Mcallister Salute To Frank Ferrell
17. Saor Patrol Toom Tabard