Porches / Pool
Album: Pool   Collection:General
Artist:Porches   Added:Feb 2016
Label:Domino Recording Company  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2016-04-17
porches “pool”

riyl: sufjan stevens, youth lagoon, james blake, unknown mortal orchestra, passion pit?

this is another head bobby synth-pop record from sadcore bummertown. bona fide new york city slugs. there are some nice synth pop tunes and it sounds quite a bit like their last release “slow dance in the cosmos.” friends of frank cosmos, they sound just like an all-out synth version of her with male vocals. i think frank’s vocals appear on this record too. this record very very synth synth pop and occasionally autotuned, kind of an 80’s parody band. they are the definition of norm-core. when i saw them a month ago lead guy aaron maine wore a baseball cap that said “total bummer” and a george thorogood and the destroyers t tucked into stone washed levi 501’s. bad to the bone, aaron maine. No FCC’s.

1. (4:01) underwater- pulsing synth that never builds like i kept thinking it would
2. (3:26) braid- a little bit of a house-y beat
3. (3:06) be apart- very dance. top 40 material if sped up. last 30 seconds are drawn out minor chords that could make for an awkward segue
4. (2:28) mood- takes a little happier turn
5. (3:06) hour- house beat, sounds like a song by the knife slowed way down with male vocals
6. (3:24) even the shadow- another synth slowie with a beat
7. (3:13) pool- quiet, minimal. auto tune. riyl autotune. (i don’t)
8. (2:49) glow- another slowie. another synthie.
9. ***(2:36) car- this one makes me jump around. a sadcore portland girl at the show asked me to calm down. aaron maine later asked the entire crowd to sit down when they played “permanent loan” and wouldn’t start the song until everyone was crisscross applesauce. bad to the bone, aaron maine.
10. (3:40) shaver- no more jumping around. slowie-core bummertown.
11. *(3:20) shape- the wobbly synth on this track is a fun time
12. (3:07) security- same-y. another synth tune. autotuned vocals. riyl autotune.

Track Listing
1. Underwater   7. Pool
2. Braid   8. Glow
3. Be Apart   9. Car
4. Mood   10. Shaver
5. Hour   11. Shape
6. Even The Shadow   12. Security