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Artist:Dtcv   Added:Apr 2016
Label:Xemu Records  

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Album Review
DJ Aporia
Reviewed 2016-04-11
French pop + post-punk + fuzz pedals + faded in LA. DTCV was born at a party in the Hollywood Hills mansion of a film producer, featuring Lola G., a French-born musician, and James Greer of Guided by Voices. Fun pop songs mostly in French, featuring lots of guitar effects and the occasional denser slow-burner. Much of the album deals with Lola's anti-capitalist and environmental concerns. Track 7 is one of the best assemblages of sounds I've heard in awhile, but save it for safe harbor.

RIYL: Westkust, Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth, Dum Dum Girls
Favorites: 1, 4, 5, 9, 10
FCC: 7

1. (3:33) **Histoire Seule — Prominent, round guitar and strong drumming. Sick electric guitar introductions and changes in the bassline. Heavy. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club + Sleater-Kinney + Yelle.
2. (3:19) Conformiste — Garage rock featuring angry guitars and vocals swathed in blue boredom.
3. (2:23) L.A. Boum! — Repetitive insistent guitar line, muffled vocals, tons of reverb + distortion.
4. (3:27) *Bourgeois Pop — Fun contemplative jam, fairly twee. Gorgeous chord changes starting at 1:25 + ooh's. Concluding guitar line could almost be out of a Love is Hell-era Ryan Adams song.
5. (3:29) ***L'Accord Parfait — Largely acoustic with some occasional melancholic electric guitar. Play play play.
6. (3:35) Capital Ennui — Starts with more direct vocals that are generally one- or two-word expressions sung detachedly in an almost spoken manner. Then builds in more reverb and dreamier vocals. Ends with repeated chanting of "confusion".
7. (4:09) We Aren't the Champions — FCC: "fuck" many times. Probably my favorite track on the album. This FCC kills me. Song starts with very Sonic Youth spoken male vocals in English and driving malevolent guitars. Then, dreamy female vocals and contemplative chord changes. Socially conscious lyrics about sexism/racism/capitalism/hashtags. Last 40 seconds are an insane, churning guitar breakdown that reminds me a lot of this shoegaze band from Long Beach called Highlands. Phenomenal.
8. (2:38) Impossible (Yeah) — Starts out with whispered female vocals and then explodes into the main, rather twee groove at 0:40. Very Hinds. Cute.
9. (4:40) **Soleil 2666 — Gazey guitars and languorous drumming. Slowly burning. Last 2.5 minutes are mostly wild guitar experimentation, anchored by a steady bassline. Love.
10. (3:10) *Vélomoteur — Uptempo + uplifting. Pretty simple structure but a great garage jam. Very Mister Esquire.

Track Listing
1. Histoire Seule   6. Capital Ennui
2. Conformiste   7. We Aren't The Champions
3. L.A. Boum!   8. Impossible (Yeah)
4. Bourgeois Pop   9. Soleil 2666
5. L'accord Parfait   10. Vélomoteur