Macula Dog / Why Do You Look Like Your Dog?
Album:Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? Collection:General
Artist:Macula Dog Added:Nov 2016
Label:Wharf Cat Records 

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Album Review
Reviewed 2017-01-13 
FCCs (!): Track 14 Tone Pig > shit, fucking. Note that most of the vocals on this album are distorted and very difficult to understand, so it is possible that there are “hidden FCCs”. The radio listener would not be able to discern them if they are there.

Overview: Squishy electronic textures collide with bleating MIDI horns, toy pianos, and obscured vocals. Think demented cartoon music or electronic goop. Many tracks are brief instrumental fragments. Use to add a bit of fun absurdity to your show.

Influences/similar bands: Devo (as if played underwater and under the influence), Barnes & Barnes (remember “Fish Heads”?), Yello (from their early days), Yonlu.

Tracks: Favorites (*) are 1, 3, 6, 17
* 1. The Dig Down (1:58): squishy electronic industrial-ish noise > vocals hard to interpret > decent beat > burbling ending.
2. Anvils of Love (1:48): air raid siren sounds > squishy vocals > drums and some cowbell > winds down and fades out.
** 3. Grayed Out (4:00): guitar noises start with left/right modulation > bells > driving beat > ray guns > flying bug noises > distorted lyrics (channeling DEVO here).
4. Why Do I Look Like My Dog? (0:51): fades in with electronic accordion/synth. > bells > squishy horns and strings > light guitar > no break to next track.
5. Dog Food I (0:28): video game sounds (you lose!) > not much beat to follow > no break to next track.
** 6. Lawnmower (2:09): Philip Glass-type repetitiveness / strings > moves to some sort of vocal exchange, high pitch vs. low pitch voices > halting beat, but it’s there > eastern music vibe > ends as it began.
7. Work Friend (2:54): warped synth vocals > strings of a sort > slower beat > aliens… I hear tired aliens tying to contact us > old copy machine sorting tray sounds > ends abruptly.
8. Droppings and Grapefruit (0:25): video game start > some elect. drums > ends abruptly.
9. Looking for a Body on the Weekend (2:18): starts with demented vocals > goes to strings > slow deep vocal stylings > slow, slow tempo > aliens again > strings still going> horns come in and the voice returns > backwards vocals > fades out quickly.
10. New Boys Club (2:17): drum and cymbal intro > kazoo like noise comes in > slightly stronger beat > vocal back and forth > halting rhythm > kazoo and whoopee cushion battling electronic drums > battling vocals again > halting vocals > distorted strings > beat comes back > no break to next track.
11. Dog Food II (0:20): frog croaking and high pitch insects > no break to next track.
12. Smokestack (3:03): sand falling on a balloon > squishy elec. drums > emotionless vocals come in > some toy piano > duet of vocals > goes to frog/swamp landscape with insects > horns > vocals > fades out.
13. Dog Food III (1:03): fades in keyboard and pudding-slap beat (blurp-blurp-blurp) > some mouth piano sounds > fades out.
! 14. Tone Pig (4:11): FCCs 0:14 (maybe a “fuck” – hard to hear) 2:54-3:00 (shit, fucking) video game vocals > insane popcorn popper, horns and vocals > serious discord > talking vocals > no beat, no singing > sound scape of a kid playing on a keyboard > breathy whisper sounds > other mouth sounds > abrupt move to industrial noise > ends.
15. Dog Food IV (0:29): video game sounds with vocal sounds, no words > driving pace > abrupt end.
16. Backdrop Person (Waiting for a Call) (2:31): drums, repetitive vocal sound, distorted guitar > outer space noises, strings, electricity > toy piano comes in with drums > beat increases > tension rises > satellite noises > distorted vocals > goes to toy piano, drum, driving beat > ends abruptly.
* 17. Iron Or Iron Or (2:42): high electronic horn/keyboard noises, decent beat > toy piano > vocals, sort of singing, mantra-like > “kneeling at the stone” > like an odd ritualistic chant > organs > ends with vocals.

Track Listing
1.The Dig Down 9.Looking For A Body On The Weekend
2.Anvils Of Love 10.New Boys Club
3.Grayed Out 11.Dog Food Ii
4.Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? 12.Smoke Stack
5.Dog Food I 13.Dog Food Iii
6.Lawnmower 14.Tone Pig
7.Work Friend 15.Dog Food Iv
8.Droppings And Grapefruit 16.Backdrop Person (Waiting For A Call)
 17.Iron Or Iron Or