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Artist:Jebanasam, Paul   Added:Apr 2017

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1. Jun 29, 2017: Neural facilitation
Depart As | Air Dx Stop ∂Ρ/∂ /Dt Somewhere = +∇⋅(&#
3. May 06, 2017: Music Casserole
Depart As | Air Dx Stop ∂Ρ/∂ /Dt Somewhere = +∇⋅(&#
2. May 10, 2017: All Passion No Technique
Search Another 3hφ˙ = Lose You I), Place I=0 Doubt I V (Φ) Am &#8

Album Review
Slow Proteo
Reviewed 2017-04-29
Paul Jebanasam // Continuum

With a cover featuring the inside of a tokamak fusion reactor and song names from Einsteinian fever dreams – it’s obvious that Paul Jebanasam’s album instrumental album Continuum is influenced by a semi-spiritual appreciation of science. The tracks bring to mind the beauty and chaos of the subatomic world. The music lies at the intersection of ambient, experimental, and noise – sometimes even reaching Arca or Aphex Twin levels of warping percussiveness. A very engaging and interesting album.

Reviewed By Slow Proteo // No FCC’s

1) depart as - air dx stop ∂ρ-∂ -dt somewhere = +∇⋅(ρ sigma-(y waiting -x) v)=0 ∂ρ-dy-dt for = you x dim* (15:12): Beginning with organ-like chords, the flickering scattered background noise comes to a head by 5:00 and continues with a medley evolving samples, pitch manipulation, and white noise until 9:00. A slow return of chordal tones marks the end of the track.
2) eidolons beginning p = (m2A 2 am to (rho-z)-y ∂t+(ρ see to wait dz-dt = it xy that I -beta- do not z countless (10:03): Beginning with slow resonating percussive hits – by 1:00 sparse panning tones slowly begin to fill the track and a chord pattern emerges. This is maintained throughout the track with varying degrees of white noise, crackling, and sampled tones mixed in. Fading outro continues pattern with short analog noise outro.
3) search another 3Hφ˙ = lose you i), place i=0 doubt I V (φ) am ∝ exp( √ 16π to meet you again pm2 P φ* (16:09): Beginning with a creeping white noise tone joined by flickering effects - looming bass sweeps and tones join around 2:00. Sounds reminiscent of sci-fi dramas like Prometheus. Around 5:45 the song explodes into a wonderland of percussive hits, noise samples, overarching ethereal tones – even reaching danceable status at moments – ending around 9:45. Outro is similar to the slower intro, but it more tonal with choral synths.

Track Listing
1. Depart As | Air Dx Stop ∂Ρ/∂ /Dt Somewhere = +∇⋅(&#   2. Eidolons Beginning P = (M²A ² Am To (Rho-Z)-Y ∂T+(Ρ See To Wait Dz/Dt
  3. Search Another 3hφ˙ = Lose You I), Place I=0 Doubt I V (Φ) Am &#8