Wagner, Richard / Die Walkürer (The Valkyrie), Act 1. (Lorin Maazel, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Album: Die Walkürer (The Valkyrie), Act 1. (Lorin Maazel, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra   Collection:Classical
Artist:Wagner, Richard   Added:May 2017

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Act One – Vorspiel (Prelude) (3:56)

Album Review
Larry Koran
Reviewed 2017-05-17
Die Walküre (The Valkyrie) is a music drama in 3 acts with a German libretto by the composer. It is the 2nd of 4 works forming Wagner’s cycle, The Ring of the Nibelung. Wagner (1813-83) sought to synthesize the poetic, visual, musical and dramatic arts with music subsidiary to drama. The music is notable for complex textures, rich harmonies and orchestrations, chromaticism and quickly shifting tonal centers. The story is based on Norse mythology; a valkyrie is a female figure who decides which soldiers die in battle. The overall theme is love – between siblings, father and daughter, marital (or its absence). Musical leitmtoivs (themes) accompany each character and their feelings for their fellows. In Act 1, an exhausted Siegmund, pursued by enemies during a storm, seeks shelter at the warrior Hunding’s home, where he is greeted by Sieglinde, Hunding’s unhappy wife. She becomes fascinated with him, and urges him, once Hunding has returned, to tell his tale. Turn’s out Hunding is one of Siegmund’s pursuers, but grants him a night’s stay before they must do battle. Sieglinde drugs Hunding to deep sleep, reveals her forced marriage, the location of a mysterious sword, and they discover they are twin brother and sister, separated in childhood. Siegmund draws the sword from the trunk of an ash tree, which no one else had been able to do. As the Act closes, he calls Siegelinde “bride and sister” and passionately embraces her. Noted excerpts are the Prelude, depicting a storm, and track 10, Siegmund’s Spring Song and duet with Sieglinde. [adapted from Wikipedia]

Track Listing
1. Act One ? Vorspiel (Prelude) (3:56)   7. Second Scene: Ich Weiss Ein Wildes Geschlecht (Hunding) (6:29)
2. First Scene: Wes Herd Dies Auch Sei, Hier Muss Ich Rasten (Siegmund, Sieglinde)   8. Third Scene: Ein Schwert Verhiess Mir Der Vater (Siegmund) (4:20)
3. First Scene: Einen Unseligen Labtest Du (Siegmund, Sieglinde) (3:35)   9. Third Scene: Schläfst Du, Gast? (Sieglinde, Siegmund) (6:42)
4. Second Scene: Müd Am Herd Fand Ich Den Mann (Sieglinde, Hunding, Siegmund) (4:35   10. Third Scene: Winterstürme Wichen Dem Wonnemond (Siegmund) (2:32)
5. Second Scene: Friedmund Darf Ich Nicht Heissen (Siegmund, Hunding, Sieglinde) (5   11. Third Scene: Du Bist Der Lenz, Nach Dem Ich Verlangte (Sieglinde) (1:58)
6. Second Scene: Die So Leidig Los Dir Beschied (Hunding, Sieglinde, Siegmund) (3:4   12. Third Scene: O Süsseste Wonne! Seligstes Weib! (Siegmund, Sieglinde) (6:10)
  13. Third Scene: O Süsseste Wonne! Seligstes Weib! (Siegmund, Sieglinde) (6:10)