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Artist:Scarcity Of Tanks   Added:Jun 2017
Label:Total Life Society Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2017-06-24
FCC Clean – but track 22 has “pissing and puking behind the machines” at 2:20 (not sure if this rises to the level of an FCC, but wanted to mention it)

Overview: This album is twenty-two tracks of that veer from dissonant noise to hard driving punk to post-punk to hard rock to a brush with ballads to the depths and back. This album cuts, crushes, screams, shreds, and mangles its way to some truly great stuff. From what I found on the inter-tubes, this album includes over twenty contributors, including members of Nada Surf, Wilco, and the Swans. The vocals have that just-barely-off-key quality between shouting and singing and the instrumentation is a well-controlled (or sometimes-controlled) chaos.

Influences/similar bands: The Stooges, Minutemen, Fugazi, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, and yes… The Sex Pistols. I also detect a little Beck (the sparse, low key, acoustic Beck).

Favorite Tracks: (*) 16, 12, 14, 18, 19, 4, 9, 21
1. Over and Done 2:30 – OPENS WITH A SCREAM! Crunchy distorted guitar, crashing drums, wild bass line, and talk/scream/sing vocals drive this tune to the edge.
2. Feeling Warsaw 3:14 – Slower groove but still lots of crunch and distortion; half-scream, loopy vocals and swirling guitar dominate.
3. Oh Memory 3:31 – Bass and cymbals open this track; stays sparse; wobbly slightly off-tune vocals; low-key introspective vibe; dueling guitars make an appearance in the last minute.
4. * Demolished Ernie 2:34 – Driving guitar and bass kick this off; much more pop-oriented that the first 3 tracks; feedback and dissonance make an appearance; a nice off-kilter pop offering.
5. Tenderloin Submissive 1:07 –Chirping insect sounds and lazy, muffled guitar; dual vocals sing/speak the lyrics.
6. Most Cunning 2:16 – Channels a beat poetry backed up with sparse bass, drums, and dissonant strings.
7. Cool It Conditioned 1:56 – Back to the punk; distorted crunch and driving rhythm; half-screamed vocals.
8. Melina Pedestrian 2:37 – acoustic guitar and light touch on the drums; a ballad-like offering; much softer than preceding tunes; I get a Beck vibe here (the slower, melancholy Beck).
9. * Trees 5:44 – Drums, and crunched out guitar with lots of feedback; Stooges and Circle Jerks come to mind here at first; then the song goes into slow heavy bass-laden dirge; tension builds back up and wild guitar takes over as the tempo surges; controlled chaos ensues.
10. Torch 2:05 – Soft bass with heartbeat tempo; spoken word vocals come in as dissonant feedback swirls and spirals in and out; acoustic guitar riff punctuates to the end.
11. Casket 2:26 – Straight back to crunchy guitar/punk; semi-sarcastic vocals over a mid-tempo thrash.
12. *** Into Your Activities 2:03 –Jamming bass line opens up and an organ makes an appearance; driving drums pound out a marching rhythm; organ plays out the tune; this one got me out of my seat!
13. Beware the Drill 2:41 – Swirling guitar and half-scream vocals hover around the melody but don’t hit it straight on; drums and organ propel the cacophony; guitar riffs layer in for the last minute.
14. **Northeast Kingdom Vermont 4:42 – Acoustic guitar strums slow and melodically at the intro; scratchy voice and ethereal background sounds come in; grows more and more into dissonance, loudness and a bit of chaos; very angst-ridden; I like this one!
15. Mentor Screws 5:55 – slow, plodding crunchy bass and guitar intro; drums crash in the background and keep a somewhat steady droning beat; warbly often off-key talk vocals with intermittent screaming; plods and plods along becoming more and more discordant but never changes the pace; a despondent tune to darken the mood; Dead Kennedys in slow-mo.
16. **** The New Creations 4:17 – warped distorted guitar lead-in with plucked tune (of sorts); seem like it’s trying to find the song; suddenly transitions at about 1:10 to faster, more upbeat tune with jangly, feedback guitar and vocals; then it REALLY kicks it up at 2:30 with great energy and almost pop-like hooks; play this one – it is worthy!
17. Psyche Hang-Gliding Accident 1:02 – talk vocals and discordant plucky guitar; another somewhat slow-paced dark tune.
18. ** Open 2:55 – bass and drums are forward on this one; more funky and playful than many other tracks, but still has the discordant vibe; a solid tune.
19. **Histamine Bunker 3:00 – driving, relentless pace; industrial sound to this one; talk/scream vocals; keeps charging along, gritty, loud, and hypnotic; another recommended track – this album is turning out to be pretty great.
20. Shot From Behind 3:37 – a more standard hard rock/punk pace and sound; lots of distortion and crunch with some intermittent electronic zaps; pulsing drums and cymbals; keeps pounding and pounding to the end.
21. * Marcy Havemeyer 3:00 – sudden start with vocals bass and distorted guitar; bass lays down a groovy vibe; this tune actually has a legitimate break and chorus (not all songs do); verges on a pop-song structure, but way more gritty, raw, and discordant.
22. Slowly Down Clifton 4:45 – slow intro with what sound like an electronic keyboard chord; piano, bass and guitar enters abruptly; discord is introduced with the vocals; has one of the few instances of backup vocals in the chorus; the slow pace maintained throughout; “pissing and puking behind the machines” at 2:20 – not sure if this rises to the level of an FCC, but wanted to mention it.

Track Listing
1. Over And Done   12. Into Your Activities
2. Feeling Warsaw   13. Beware The Drill
3. Oh Memory   14. Northeast Kingdom Vermont
4. Demolished Ernie   15. Mentor Screws
5. Tenderloin Submissive   16. The New Creations
6. Most Cunning   17. Psyche Hang-Gliding Accident
7. Cool It Conditioned   18. Open
8. Melina Pedestrian   19. Histamine Bunker
9. Trees   20. Shot From Behind
10. Torch   21. Marcy Havemeyer
11. Casket   22. Slowly Down Clifton