Big French / Stone Fish
Album: Stone Fish   Collection:General
Artist:Big French   Added:Oct 2017
Label:Wharf Cat Records  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2017-10-16
Perfect resurrection of the joy of low fi recording techniques, Indie rock the way it was originally meant to be: simple rock, beats, cool guitar, vocals, loaded with excellent effects and primitive multitracking: Simple, genuine, not slick. Everything is here, the guitar, the melody, the beats, the cool sounds. We don’t need a cool hat, a beard, a violinist, a Coachella. Great stuff. Think: early Neutral Milk Hotel, God Is My Copilot, Luxurious Bags, Daniel Johnston, Beck.

1)* (3:04) upbeat weird low fi pop, about a grandma wrapping her car around a tree, wait what? Cool 2)* (2:12) upbeat driving feel, as above strange low fi cool sounds permeate, good melodies in a pop sense, epic really 3) (2:21) super cool groovy beat in a weird way 4)* (2:02) great rhythm, subtle vocal effects, perfect pop in my book (though my book fell in Ken Kesey’s toilet) 5) (1:31) upbeat and strummy and weird like the Beatles had they taken twice the acid they actually had 6) (1:17) fun stuff, upbeat, great weird sounds, random, like the Dead if they actually had good acid instead of that lame fresh Owsley stuff 7) (2:05) subtle understated beat and rhythm, nice 8) (2:48) noisey weird, still upbeat pop 9)* (2:09) upbeat weird driving pop 10) (1:43) funny simple “let me take you out to my grandpa’s house” 11) FCC (I think) 12)* (2:00) Beatles’y feel somehow, maybe the harmonies and the upbeat rhythmic feel, cool weird sonic distortion and twisted blasts appear midway 13) (2:11) simple pop feel, bendy weird 14) (2:00) simple pop 15) (2:19) more strange pop 16) (2:17) fun feeling, guitar is playful as is the overall tone, cute pop feel

Track Listing
1. Hey Grandma   9. The Chosen One
2. Fly Like A Bird   10. Grandpa's House
3. Stone Fish   11. I Wanna New Rome
4. Apartments For The West   12. Rush Morgue
5. Pamela   13. Big French
6. Words Appear   14. Second Kid With You
7. The Troll   15. Better At Me
8. The New Cochlear Sun   16. My Angel