Brooklyn Raga Massive / Terry Riley In C
Album: Terry Riley In C   Collection:General
Artist:Brooklyn Raga Massive   Added:Nov 2017
Label:Northern Spy Records  

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Cells 1-8, from In C
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Cells 1-8
2. Jun 27, 2022: Mixed Up Class
Cells 1-8, from In C
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Cells 1-8
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Cells 1-8, from In C
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Raga Bihag Alap

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2017-11-08
Collective of Indian Raga musicians performing Terry Riley’s 1964 composition “In C”. Recorded live, it’s a fascinating reflection of how the looping repetition that early experimental composers like Cage, Reich, Riley employed was well established centuries ago with traditional Indian Classical and Carnatic Raga music. “West meets East” is a worn cliché but it applies as there is an injection of trumpets, flutes, and other tonalities that distinguishes this from World music, or simply Raga. All tracks blend together compiling one long incredibly beautiful, hypnotic balm that I dare you to play in its entirety on the radio (I assure you, you will get happy listeners calling in).

(as all tracks blend together be careful with cold starts and stops, play on continuous and fade in, out)

1) (4:00) slow fade in, traditional “introduction” of the instruments 2)* (8:49) builds quickly into rhythmic hypnotic, with subtle vocal chants 3) (3:45) flute and strings carry forth 4) (3:01) flute, continuation 5) (4:08) Oud (?) solo, vocal chants appear 6) (7:56) violin solo, continues 7) (7:30) vocs come in and out, the beat evolves to a heavier feel, less “busy” 8)* (11:47) hammered dulcimer type instrument as the collective quiets a bit and some kick-ass throat singing appears 9) (6:24) vocalizations are mildly melodic 10)* (9:29) begins with vocals in front, midway the music drops out mostly and a slow hypnotic meditative vocal chorus ensues, including throat singer, beautiful as the music fades back in 11) (3:07) percussion heavy as this fades out 12) (4:56) builds up and feels like one of the more “songlike” tracks if youre looking for a shorter piece, ends with the audience clapping

Track Listing
1. Raga Bihag Alap   7. Cells 22-27
2. Cells 1-8   8. Cells 28-34
3. Cells 9-11   9. Cells 35-41
4. Cells 12-13   10. Cells 42-47
5. Cells 14-16   11. Cell 48
6. Cells 17-21   12. Cells 49-53 (Jhalla)