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Artist:Devata Daun   Added:Jan 2018
Label:Pytch Records  

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Album Review
lionel hutz
Reviewed 2018-01-22
electronic / bass music / darkwave / lo fi

Sunbleached but nocturnal, the music is largely built from fuzzy synths and drum machines and low-key sing-speaking, with filter sweeps and little glitchy whirlpools as a primary musical tool on melody and vox. The textures are really great throughout. I hesitate to say it feels a bit slight, because I mean that in the best way possible. Electronic music of various tempos for the train ride home or the chill solo late night. A little packet of ennui for when that word's too bookish and it ain't that serious anyway.

RIYL: Mount Kimbie, oOoOO (but less foreboding), Balam Acab, Cough Cool

favorite tracks: 3, 4, 9, 6, 5

no detectable FCCs

1. fuzzy lo-fi synth or maybe guitar, vox way buried and echo-y. slow. percussion is subdued and sparse, melodies are warbly and dusty, except for a bright melodic line off in the distance that slowly comes to the fore towards the end. 3:17
2. a little brighter, a little faster, vox a bit more up front, but lyrics mostly still hard to decipher. drums have a bit of 2-step flavor on the snares and shaker, with steady sparse muffled kicks. 2:42
3. beepier clearer simple melodic line to open, squelchy distorted kicks drop in, gettting more upbeat, vox a bit more optimistic, a little less ennui. especially melted melodic breakdown in the middle. muffled narcotic d-n-b flavor on the rhythm programming, especially apparent toward the end. 3:14
4. foreboding slightly anxious dusky synth sweeps, glitched out IDM styles on the drum programming though less caustic than that sort of thing usually is, vox sparse and more on the buried side. percussion drops out in the middle as melody and vocals pool, synths take on a bit of a string-like character, till punchy muffled drums come back. maybe a brief harp sampled buried towards the end? dissolves into early boards of canada style synth pads for last minute. 4:45
5. slow, funky, starts with snare patter then punchiest kicks yet, intermittent with nice texture. slowly evolving synth pads, clearer vox with some clearly understandable fragments. melodic fragments float in and out, some with a texture reminiscent of the "drive" score and the 80s movie scores that inspired it. pretty much stops cold with just a bit of echo on the last note. 3:09
6. more upbeat, chugging drum machines and gently strobing bassline. vox gets sample stutter effects at points, synth pads undulate like lo-fi version of g-funk style moog squiggles. 3:41
7. slow, confident, drums more straight-forward and acoustic sounding (including kicks). bouncy slightly ringy synth melody, vox on the more intelligible side. half-time breakdown for a bit around mid-point. synth melody does a nice detuned thing briefly at points. 3:17
8. slow and aquatic, bumping kicks and echo-y woodblocks submerged in thick fuzzed midrange synth. 2:50
9. melody gets pitched down just a bit from where it starts like record getting slowed dj screw style. skittery upbeat drums, but not heavy, relatively clear hook. 2:22
10. variety of interweaving undulating synth lines, slowly pulsing bass with slight buzz ebbs and flows. vox pretty intelligible at points, very buried at others. towards the end, higher pitched but distant melodic line pulses in the back, fast but relaxed. 3:07

Track Listing
1. We Were Carried   6. Subconscious Gestures
2. Fascinate   7. Tell Me Your Visions
3. Animal Instincts   8. Skeletons
4. Willow   9. Be A Stranger
5. I've Been Here Before   10. They Say