Landlady / World Is A Loud Place, The
Album: World Is A Loud Place, The   Collection:General
Artist:Landlady   Added:Mar 2018

Album Review
R.O.Y. G. B.I.V.
Reviewed 2018-03-08
The World is a Loud Place – Landlady
Indie/art-rock with some prog influences
RIYL: Mayfair Kites, The Nick Valentini Collective, Man Man, Father Figures, some David Bowie
The brainchild of Adam Schatz (of Man Man and Father Figures), Landlady is a Brooklyn-based art rock group. There’s a sort of uncanny quality to their music that draws you in- its themes and melodies are very human, but Schatz’s lead vocals have a kind of alien cadence. Along with his voice, they have a distinctive use of guitar tone and organ. A really cool group informed by art pop and 70s rock, and songs often feature their own little movements, aided by the string and brass sections that accompany your otherwise-standard rock instrumentation.

Recommended Tracks: 1,5,8,10,11
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*1. “Electric Abdomen” (5:04) [semi-abrupt end]
Expectant – descends in to heavier guitar and crashing symbols
2. “Cadaver” (4:14) [quick end, but with warning]
A little more tender, but some exasperated undertones. Has a sort of odd time-signature feel
3. “Person” (3:18) [long fadeout]
Rhythmic melodic line with dissonant guitar fighting its way in – prominent drums
4. “Hard to Spell” (2:33) [abrupt end]
Subdued at first, with brass and twinkling guitar/vibes. Picks up with a crunchy beat over spacy vocals
*5. “Nina” (5:22) [long, grand fadeout]
Driving beat with a nice, strong refrain. The second half has this sort of regal sound to it
6. “Driving in California” (5:03) [abrupt end]
An impish variation on a theme – great extended instrumental breaks and an otherworldly chorus
7. “Hurricane” (2:51) [abrupt end]
Lots of starts and stops with an angular guitar solo and one of the catchiest refrains on the record
*8. “Solid Brass” (4:24) [abrupt end]
Features a children’s chorus. Kind of sounds like an incoming storm
9. “The World is a Loud Place” (5:45) [abrupt end]
Features a very extended instrumental break with saxophone – a rallying cry
**10. “Haymaker” (3:07) [abrupt end]
Orchestral in its arrangement – at peace with itself
**11. “Museum People” (3:06) [moderately quick end]
Cool, cryptic lyrics and lurching guitar buildup, with upbeat refrain
12. “Rest in Place” (5:43) [long fadeout]
Almost has a baroque flavor the first half. Second half is a different feel – more relaxed

-R.O.Y. G. B.I.V.

Track Listing
1. Electric Abdomen   7. Hurricane
2. Cadaver   8. Solid Brass
3. Person   9. The World Is A Loud Place
4. Hard To Spell   10. Haymaker
5. Nina   11. Museum People
6. Driving In California   12. Rest In Place