Stuck In November / First Visit To Camp Telepathy
Album: First Visit To Camp Telepathy   Collection:General
Artist:Stuck In November   Added:Mar 2018
Label:Chautauqua Records  

Album Review
R.O.Y. G. B.I.V.
Reviewed 2018-03-08
First Visit to Camp Telepathy – First Slice Of Cake
Acoustic Math Rock
RIYL: Mermonte, the Fantastic Mr. Fox soundtrack, Clever Girl, TTNG, Toe, Via Luna, Floral
This Bangalorean trio decided to eschew electronics for their second EP, and instead grabbed “acoustic guitars and bass, twigs and shells, a box of music boxes … [and] strange wind instruments among other things”. Haven’t heard anything else like this. “PSJS” and “Strongs” are quirky reduxes of songs from their last EP. Sonically rich stuff, but with a kind of childlike earnestness.

Recommended Tracks: everything – 1 and 4 especially
No FCCs detected (instrumental)

*1. “PSJS” (4:05) [semi-abrupt end]
Weird in the prettiest of ways. Banjo, accordion, chimes, whirs, clacks, guitar and polka beats all bound along
2. “Jester in a Jar” (5:23) [abrupt end]
Chimes, guitar, bass and clarinet – not quite ominous (it’s too sweet for that), but kind of expectant
3. “Strongs” (6:30) [moderately quick ending]
Would not be out of place on a soundtrack to a movie about wind-up toys
*4. “Monster” (5:09) [abrupt end]
Sort of moody, with some theremin and organ at the end – less melodic, a few tempo changes

-R.O.Y. G. B.I.V.

Track Listing
1. Psjs   3. Strongs
2. Jester In A Jar   4. Monster