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Album: Thumbnail Sketches   Collection:World
Artist:Zander, Bob   Added:Apr 2018
Label:Self Release  

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Recent Airplay
1. Sep 05, 2021: No Cover, No Minimum (rebroadcast from Jul 5, 2018)
Ngoro Ngoro
4. Jul 24, 2021: At the Cafe Bohemian (rebroadcast from Jun 14, 2018)
Pictured Rocks
2. Aug 12, 2021: the Acupuncture Hour (rebroadcast from May 25, 2019)
(Disc 1) Manatee Murmers
5. Jun 29, 2021: Old Fart at Play (rebroadcast from Jun 15, 2018)
Pictured Rocks
3. Aug 04, 2021: ad hoc variety show (rebroadcast from Jul 17, 2018)
River Man, Pictured Rocks, (Disc 1) Manatee Murmers
6. Oct 19, 2019: the Acupuncture Hour
(Disc 1) Manatee Murmers

Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2018-04-30
Reviewed: 2018-04-26
Genre: World
FCCs: none
Review: local versatile kalimba player and his stellar quartet create ethnic fusion music incorporating a variety of styles from different cultures along with several guest musicians. Let the listeners know there are limited pressings and they can purchase the disc at,
If You Like: Geoffrey Oryema, Nana Vasconcelos, Paul Horn, Egberto Gismonti, Kevin Spears, Free Radicals, Paul Winter Consort, Doa
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
1/ Manatee Murmers (0:51) – kalimba & rain stick start like a tropical rain
*2/ Pictured Rocks (6:53) – kalimba starts> funky bass joins> midtempo African highlife jam> guitar solo swings into uptempo jam> slows to slow jam & fades
*3/ River Man (3:19) – percussion starts> midtempo jam with middle eastern vibe> bass solo> midtempo jam> false stop & fade
4/ Akua-Ba (3:33) – percussion starts> midtempo jam with middle eastern vibe> bass solo> midtempo jam> false stop & fade
5/ Anya (3:36) – kalimba starts> midtempo jam> kalimba solo> midtempo jam> quick stop
*6/ Embryonic Capers (7:08) – kalimba/percussion starts> uptempo Latin rock jam> electric guitar solo> percussion solo> guitar solo> kalimba solo> uptempo jam> crescendo end
*7/ Ngoro Ngoro (5:56) – kalimba starts> midtempo jam with violin over the top, kind of an Asian vibe> percussion/kalimba duet> midtempo jam> fade
*8/ Makor (4:28) – kalimba starts> uptempo world music jam> quick fade
*9/ Thompson’s Gazelle (4:59) - kalimba starts> uptempo world music jam> quick fade
10/ Inner Strength, Quiet Beauty (4:59) - kalimba starts> midtempo jam with Chinese vibe> violin solo> uptempo jam> slow fade
*11/ Song For Shana (3:25) – flute starts> midtempo jam with Asian vibe> flute solo> midtempo jam> fade
*12/ Bill’s Intro/Ann (4:53) – piano starts> midtempo jam with flute up front> music soars uptempo> quick fade
*13/ Poetry Of The Trees (4:12) - kalimba/percussion starts> fast jam> percussion jam> fast jam> slow fade
13/ Graceful Moon (3:28) – kalimba start> midtempo jam with percussion, like a tropical rainforest> violin solo> midtempo jam> quick fade
14/ Song For Shana (3:16) – wood flute starts> midtempo jam> trumpet solo> violin solo> midtempo jam> fade
15/ Almost Oriana (5:58) – bass start> slow jam with Indian vibe> sax solo> violin solo> slow jam> fade
16/ Open Roads (4:41) – spacey sitar-like start with percussion> midtempo jam shifts to uptempo> percussion jam> electric guitar solo> uptempo jam & fade
17/ Housesitting (4:16) – kalimba start, very slow with bass notes, morphs into midtempo jam with funky Latin beat> percussin jam> sax solo> uptempo jam> quick stop
18/ Rock Tumbler (4:05) – flute starts> slow jam morphs into midtempo> guitar solo> improv with percussion> fade
19/ 36 Years Of Sundays (4:08) – piano starts> slow jam with trumpet up front> piano solo> sax solo> midtempo jam> slow fade
*20/ Powderhorn Park (4:38) – percussion starts> funky Brazilian uptempo jam> electric guitar solo> kalimba/percussion jam> midtempo jam> quick stop
22/ Neanderthal Kid (6:18) – percussion/horns start> rocking fast jam> slows to midtempo on bass/percussion duet> rocking guitar solo> Fender Rhodes solo> electric piano solo> fast jam> percussion jam> quick stop on percussion
23/ Discovery Day (3:11) – kalimba/percussion starts> midtempo jam> quick stop
24/ African Ceremony (4:01) – drums start> uptempo jam with Latin rock vibe> trumpet solo> sax solo> percussion solo> uptempo jam> quick stop
25/ Ann (5:01) – electric keyboard start> slow jam with mellow contemporary jazz vibe> trumpet solo> mellow slow jam> fade

Track Listing
1. (Disc 1) Manatee Murmers   13. Poetry Of The Trees
2. Pictured Rocks   14. (Disc 2) Graceful Moon
3. River Man   15. Song For Shana
4. Akua-Ba   16. Almost Oriana
5. Anya   17. Open Roads
6. Embryonic Capers   18. Housesitting
7. Ngoro Ngoro   19. Rock Tumbler
8. Makor   20. 36 Years Of Sundays
9. Thompson's Gazelle   21. Powderhorn Park
10. Inner Strength, Quiet Beauty   22. Neanderthal Kid
11. Song For Sharia   23. Discovery Day
12. Bill's Intro/Ann   24. African Ceremony
  25. Ann