Rodenkirchen, Norbert/ Robbie Lee/ James Ilgenfritz / Opalescence
Album: Opalescence   Collection:Classical
Artist:Rodenkirchen, Norbert/ Robbie Lee/ James Ilgenfritz   Added:Jul 2018
Label:Telegraph Harp  

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Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2018-07-19
Reviewed: 2018-07-14
Genre: Classical (X)
FCCs: none
Review: Opalescence is the new album from a most unusual trio. Their backgrounds: an unconventional mix of medieval music, modern composition, various folk traditions, and, of course, jazz. And the result: an unclassifiable amalgam of improvised forms, weaving together far-flung genres, both gratifyingly challenging yet easy to enjoy. The instruments used during these sessions deserve mention in their own right: flutes both pre-modern and postmodern, including the gentle giant that is the contrabass recorder, plus an assortment of other quirky winds, from the wooden piccolo to the glissando sliding headjoint flute. Opalescence is a creative sound experience not quite like any other. It invites deeper, repeated listening, disclosing new pleasures and new sonic possibilities.
If You Like: Woodwired, Areon, Yusef Lateef, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Penderecki
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
*1/ Phosphorescence (3:15) – deep flutes start> slow flute jam> morphs into a sonic pastoral scene with birds> fade
*2/ Triage (3:39) – flute starts> slow tempo & hesitating, like an off-kilter dance> morphs into a sonic drone jam> quick stop
3/ Society of First Snowfall (6:19) – combined woodwinds start> slow tempo swings uptempo and gets very frenetic, like an argument between instruments> quick fade
*4/ Mille Regretz (8:49) – bass clarinet starts, slow choppy & dissonant> like Hendrix in slow motion> various instruments intersecting with bowed bass> reaches sonic heights, then slows to midtempo jam> undulating instruments> slow fade
5/ Vanishing Point (0:56) – piccolo flute starts in high register> slow tempo> quick fade
*6/ Incandecence (1:57) – heavy bass notes start> uptempo jam> bass clarinet/ percussion duet> quick stop
*7/ Spectral Corridors (2:37) – bassoon starts, slow & spacey> slow sonic space jam builds in volume & intensity> complexity & frenzy> slows to slow jam> fade
*8/ Claire Obscure (3:00) – slow drone start (contrabass recorder?)> slow space jam with flurries of flutes
9/ Eiszeit (3:22) – flutes start in high registers like birds chirping> midtempo jam slows to slow space jam> quiet birds & fade
10/ The Invention Of Dreaming (2:59) – ululating woodwinds start> slow tempo jam morphs into> slow pastoral jam like sonic Renaissance music> quick fade
11/ Fluorescence (1:05) – several flutes start in high registers> midtempo jam with a modular pattern> quickly slows to stop
12/ Kinetoscope Flashes (2:11) – sonic slow jam to start> increases in volume & intensity> quick stop
**13/ Last Day – Lost Day (7:29) – percussive effects/ flutes start> slow space drone music with deep notes> pause> slow jam> slow build in intensity with elongated notes> morphs into slow jam with sharp notes> morphs into a slow pastoral jam & expands out into the universe> builds into midtempo jam, builds in intensity, volume & frenzy> fade
14/ Iridescence (2:16) – high pitch flute starts> slow pastoral music with flutes up front> fade

Track Listing
1. Phosphorescence   8. Clair Obscure
2. Triage   9. Eiszeit
3. Society Of The First Snowfall   10. The Invention Of Dreaming
4. Mille Regretz   11. Fluorsescence
5. Vanishing Point   12. Kinetoscope Flashes
6. Incandescense   13. Last Day-Long Day
7. Spectral Corridors   14. Indescence