Paul Page And His Paradise Music / Pacific Paradise
Album: Pacific Paradise   Collection:General
Artist:Paul Page And His Paradise Music   Added:Jul 2018
Label:Subliminal Sounds  

Album Review
Reviewed 2018-07-21
Paul Page and his Paradise Music
Pacific Paradise
(Subliminal Sounds)
Reviewed by BravoMarco
This collection from Paul Page contains the ultimate in relaxing sounds. An impresario of Polynesian exotica from the 30’s all the way to the 70’s this is an invaluable mélange of Pacific Island treasures. None of the ukulele covers of modern tracks on this one, this is for the no umbrella in my drink thank you very much crowd. A perfect addition to any show – jazzy, blues, lounge, & everything else can be heard within this treasure. Tennessee Ernie Ford, The Cramps, Elvis, Sinatra, Kay Starr, Dean Martin. A real jewel for any music lover.
Like: Being on the beach with just a smile & a drink watching the waves slowly lapping away at your feet.
All tracks have their own special Tiki Bar moments – loving 6,13,19,21,24,26,29
No FCC’s
1) Pacific Paradise (2.58) Waves a crashing leading to a sultry ballad.
2) China Nights (2.17) Maybe a bit gong stereotypical, but those harmonies…
3) When Sam Goes Back To Samoa (1.47) Spoken word gem with a sway.
4) Beyond The Reef (1.34) Instrumental with a slowish tempo.
5) The Reef Is Calling (2.38) Soothing seagull & organ accompaniments.
6) Matey (1.53) Scintillating shanty.
7) Pieces of Eight (2.04) “Mix in a sparkle of a sunny smile”
8) Ports O’ Call (1.48) L.A Confidential comes to mind, 50’s noir setting.
9) My Fiji Island Queen (2.09) Shoulder swayer.
10) Castaway (1.33) Slow lament.
11) Bali Hai (1.51) Upbeat enticement.
12) The Big Island Says Aloha (2.33) Jolly with an entertaining chorus.
13) Leaves From My Green House (2.20) Tom Waits must have been inspired with this spoken word beauty.
14) Chicken Kona Kaai (2.22) You might say cheesy, I’d prefer chickeny…
15) Nani Waimea (1.46) Groovey organ based upbeat number.
16) Ala Wai Blues (2.20) Propping up the bar sing a long time.
17) Maui Chimes (2.17) Spoken word dreams.
18) Please Don’t Sing Aloha To Me (2.42) Change of style, welcome addition of female voices swaying along with the waves & slow pace.
19) Hawaiian Honeymoon (1.52) Croon-tastic…
20) Blue Lagoon (3.03) Bird song replaces the waves in this romantic verse.
21) Auwe, Wahine (2.14) Jungle sounds & rhythms.
22) Pago Pago (2.41) Without the animals it could be in a spaghetti western.
23) Kissy Ling (3.02) Lovely nostalgic instrumental leading into words of love.
24) Sakura – Pagoda Bells (2.53) Almost a 60’s Bond instrumental.
25) Come Back To Hawaii (2.22) Tinkling of the ivories compete with the organ.
26) The Sea Is Calling (2.51) Half spoken & sung. Fog horns, waves & light organ.
27) Passport To Paradise (2.03) Slow paced instrumental.
28) The Big Luau In The Sky (6.15) Homage… with an easygoing style.
29) Mele Of Forgotten Men (4.06) The storytelling continues, with sparse sounds
30) Its All Wicky Wacky In Hawaii (2.06) As jovial as it’s title.
31) Pacific Farwell Medley (5.19) A fitting conclusion. Love, loss & the Pacific…

Track Listing
1. Pacific Paradise   16. Ala Wai Blues
2. China Nights   17. Maui Chimes
3. When Sam Goes Back To Samoa   18. Please Dont Sing Aloha To Me
4. Beyond The Reef   19. Hawaiian Honeymoon
5. The Reef Is Calling   20. Blue Lagoon
6. Matey   21. Auwe, Wahine
7. Pieces Of Eight   22. Pago Pago
8. Ports O' Call   23. Kissy Ling
9. My Fiji Island Queen   24. Sakura - Pagoda Bells
10. Castaway   25. Come Back To Hawaii
11. Bali Hai   26. The Sea Is Calling
12. The Big Island Says Aloha   27. Passport To Paradise
13. Leaves From My Green House   28. The Big Luau In The Sky
14. Chicken Kona Kaai   29. Mele Of Forgotten Men
15. Nani Waimea   30. Its All Wicky Wacky In Hawaii
  31. Pacific Farewell Medley