Use, The / What's The Use?
Album: What's The Use?   Collection:General
Artist:Use, The   Added:Jul 2018
Label:Allrealon Music  

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Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2018-08-02
Reviewed: 2018-08-02
Genre: General
FCCs: none
Review: A wide range of sometimes self-designed electronic instruments and assorted sounds make this an enjoyable and fun debut album from Michael Durek. He deconstructs the beats which initially he lets roll fluently. Odd funky electro beats work particularly well. A couple of unpolished beauties show a darker side. The digital ànd analog itches always remain within a coherent structure that could even make you dance to a few tracks.
If You Like: Tomita, Cicely Irvine, Eki Shola, Silver Apples Of The Moon
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
*1/ Hello Everybody (3:13) – distorted noise starts> morphs into a modulated uptempo jam with heavy percussive effects> morphs into an uptempo space jam> quick fade
*2/ Aunt Joanne’s Metaphysics (3:46) – electronic raindrops start> synthetic piano sounds swing into uptempo jam> Moog kicks in with a see saw pattern> synthetic electronic piano solo builds into uptempo jam> quick fade
3/ Where Ya Been? (5:35) – electronically enhanced spoken word conversation starts> underlying bass notes kick in & morph into midtempo jam, heavy on the synthesized organ> slows with intermittent electronic swatches> spoken chatting> repetitive question sung> quick fade
*4/ Time Burton (3:59) – synthetic space noises start> midtempo jam> percussion noises join> sonic dance number> melody shift to fast jam> slow fade
5/ Dying Breed (3:50) – percussion/synth starts> slow jam with throbbing noise & heavy beats> horn-like sounds like a call to the hunt morphs into a slow steady space jam with bassoon-like underpinnings> slows to slow jam & fade
*6/ Slim’s Pursuit (3:36) – uptempo danceable synth space noises start> repetitive riff> sound cascades in waves & builds in intensity> melody shift> midtempo jam with percussion> quick stop
7/ Ripe (4:06) – piano-like notes start slow & quiet> morphs into midtempo jam with large bell sounds in the background> science fiction theremin-like noise> slow fade & a note
8/ Bird Song (5:12) – scratchy electronic noise starts with chanting song over the top & a xylophone effect & reverse notes running underneath> bass solo> jungle sounds join in & morphs into dance number with extensive monkey sounds> melody shift> percussive flashy effect with drone over the top> quick stop
*9/ And God Created Great Cephalopods (2:58) – heavy bass/ electronics start> Farfisa organ sound joins, like a clunky dance number> repetitive piano/synth sound with Farfisa organ like a monster movie> quick fade
*10/ Halo Alchemy (1:55) – beautiful little melody on toy piano> spacey synth slides to a midtempo jam> synth sounds like fluttering birds> notes run backwards> fade

Track Listing
1. Hello Everybody   6. Slim's Pursuit
2. Aunt Joanne's Metaphysics   7. Ripe
3. Where Ya Been?   8. Bird Song
4. Time Burton   9. And God Created Great Cephalopods
5. Dyin Breed   10. Halo Alchemy