Isles, Nabate / Eclectic Excursions
Album: Eclectic Excursions   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Isles, Nabate   Added:Aug 2018
Label:Nsj Universal  

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Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2018-08-08
Reviewed: 2018-08-08
Genre: Jazz
FCCs: none
Review: Grammy winner Isles’ debut disc lives up to its title. Mr. Isles has worked most often as a side musician for artists across hip-hop, jazz and R&B, and his own record manages to throw it all together — making room along the way for a few guest singers and rappers — while keeping a firm center.
If You Like: Miles Davis, Ambrose Akinmisure, Bernie Worrell, Eddie Harris,
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
*1/ Inception (1:48) – percussion starts> uptempo jam> quick stop
*2/ Laid Back (4:19) – piano starts> midtempo rap song> trumpet solo> midtempo song> piano solo to fade
3/ Find Your Light (5:36) – female vocal starts> midtempo song> pause> midtempo song> fade
*4/ Funkdafied (8:16) – bass starts> uptempo funky jam> trombone solo> trumpet solo> bass solo> uptempo jam with interjected bass riffs> organ solo> uptempo jam> quick stop
5/ Exchanging Pleasantries (8:25) – sax starts> midtempo jam> trumpet solo> sax solo> bass solo> midtempo jam> slow fade
6/ Sultriness (1:45) – synth starts> slow jam with flute out front> slow fade
**7/ Grab Her By The What?!*&#$!? (6:56) – synth starts in single notes> slow jam builds in intensity> off-kilter trumpet solo> guitar solo> slow jam with echoing repetitive spoken word> slow fade
**8/ Minute Pieces Of Wozzeck (7:07) – organ starts> midtempo jam with Moog morphs into funky uptempo jam> Moog/trumpet duet> trumpet solo> uptempo jam> quick fade
*9/ MelloD.E.M. (5:42) – organ starts hesitantly> slow jam including flute> flute solo> trumpet solo> slow jam> fade
*10/ Cubicle (6:45) – drums starts> uptempo jam> trumpet solo> sax solo> guitar solo> drum solo> uptempo jam> trumpet swings wild with band briefly & fades
11/ Jubilation For Closure (2:18) – organ starts slow, swings to midtempo jam with flute> slow fade
**12/ Pomponio (9:28) – horns start with big sound> uptempo jam> trumpet solo> sax solo swings to fast tempo> fast jam> trumpet solo> piano solo> drum solo> fast jam> fade
*13/ Strange Fruit (4:16) – piano starts> slow song with male vocal> brief trumpet solo> slow song interspersed with wailing trumpet & chorus> slow fade
14/ For The End (3:50) – trumpet starts> slow jam> bass solo> trumpet solo> fade

Track Listing
1. Inception   8. Minute Pieces Of Wozzeck
2. Laid Back   9. Mello D.E.M.
3. Find Your Light   10. Cubicle
4. Funkdafied   11. Jubilation For Closure
5. Exchanging Pleasantries   12. Pomponio
6. Sultriness   13. Strange Fruit
7. Grab Her By The What?!*&#$!?   14. For The End