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(Disc 1) Hide The Trees

Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2018-10-24
Reviewed: 2018-10-24
Genre: General
FCCs: none
Review: Stick Men's sound is quite unique. Touting the fact that the lead musicians are "playing instruments unlike any other," the Chapman Stick, their music has evolved to be somewhere between art rock, progressive rock, and in some cases progressive metal. There is a heavy influence of free music and improvisation during their live shows, as the musicians will often showcase their prowess on their respective instruments in extended free music jams. Most notably, the band honors their connection and tenure with King Crimson, showcasing several tracks from different Crimson line-ups. Mel Collins, Crimson’s original reed man, adds special flourishes to the mix here.
If You Like: Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, Van der Graf Generator
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
1/ Hide The Trees (7:09) – heavy chords start>uptempo rocker mellows to midtempo> flute solo> uptempo rocker> crescendo end
*2/ Larks Tongues in Aspic, Part 2 (6:09) – crunching heavy chords start> midtempo rocker morphs into full frontal attack> crescendo end
*3/ Sepia (9:23) – synth-like drone starts> midtempo space rocker morphs into slow heavy space jam> quick shift to midtempo space rocker> fade
*4/ Sartori in Tangier (6:14) – bass/synth-like sound starts slow> quick jump to uptempo rocker> builds in intensity> quick stop
5/ Crack In The Sky (5:30) – synth-like sound starts slow> shuffle beat kicks in> space jam with spoken word> fade
6/ Horatio (6:15) – drums start> sonic midtempo jam morphs into heavy midtempo rocker> quick stop
*7/ Prog Noir (1st show) -heavy chords start> heavy rocker with male vocals> quick fade
*8/ Ookami (9:39) – heavy bass chords start> slow space jam with intermittent drum, sax, & heavy chord fills> increases in volume, intensity, and frenzy, then settles into a sonic slow space jam & fades (+ band intro)
*9/ Level 5 (First Show) – heavy sonic chords start> full frontal attack> quick stop
*10/ Roppongi (Soundscape) (6:35) - synth-like sounds start> slow space jam with flute slowly builds in volume & intensity> quick fade
*11/ Schattenhaft (4:47) – drums start> uptempo rocker> sonic sax solo> jam> quick stop
12/ Industry (11:05) – synth-like sound starts joined with spacey sax in slow space jam> heavy drum beats intercede> quick stop
13/ Mantra (6:15) – heavy chords start> midtempo sonic jam> vocal chorus joins in> heavy drumming joins to quick stop
14/ Prog Noir (2nd Show) (6:15) – bass notes start> heavy midtempo sonic jam> male vocal, not quite a song> crescendo and fade
*15/ Shiro (10:09) – sonic sax starts> sonic midtempo space jam builds to fast tempo sonic rocking jam> mellows to midtempo with non-verbal vocals interspersed> slows to fade
*16/ Sailor’s Tale (7:45) – drums/cymbals start> uptempo sonic rocker> quick stop (+ band intro)
17/ Level 5 (2nd Show) – heavy chords start> heavy slow distorted rocker like an elephant charge> stop
18/ OPEN (10:36) – slow space jam morphs into uptempo space rocker> slow fade

Track Listing
1. (Disc 1) Hide The Trees   10. (Disc 2) Roppongi (Soundscape)
2. Lark's Tongue In Aspic, Part 2   11. Schattenhaft
3. Sepia   12. Industry
4. Sartori In Tangier   13. Mantra
5. Crack In The Sky   14. Prog Noir (2nd Show)
6. Horatio   15. Schiro
7. Prog Noir (1st Show)   16. Sailor's Tale
8. Ookami   17. Level 5 (2nd Show)
9. Level 5 (1st Show)   18. Open