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Album Review
Alex Mejía
Reviewed 2018-12-18
Georgia Anne Muldrow - “Overload”
Reviewed by Chano

Georgia Anne Muldrow makes beats, sings, and collaborates with other dope musicians. Her music is self-described as “modern soul” and has a range of musical styles to match her versatile voice. Very meditative, groovy, interesting and ultimately fun music. Positive and uplifting and not in cheesy ways. This would fit in with electronic, experimental, hip hop, and other genres. Very sick and positive music.

Favorites: 2 (has cusswords but they’re edited), 3, 7, 10, 12
FCCs: 2 - sort of. They’re edited so I think they’re ok but you can still sort of tell what they’re saying.
RIYL: beat driven grooves, soul, R&B, hip hop, and even experimental of center music.

1. “I.O.T.A. (Instrument of the Ancestors)” - 1:09 - cool rhythm and lyrics about rhythm; great bassline. Too bad it’s such a short little intro.
2. “Play it Up” - 3:47 - FCC-semi warning; Cool funky drums and glitchy percussion; there are cusswords in this but I think that they’re edited enough to play at all hours. Beat is super hard - bassline is slow, mean, and deep and the samples are processed and fill in the background real nice. Vocals are about land being taken away, shuck and jivers, etc. Really wonderful harmonizing and lyrical content. Fire track.
3. “Overload” - 3:56 - Catchy melody and nice glitchy drums; really catchy hook “overload, overdrive . . .”
4. “Blam” - 2:47 - funky mid tempo jam. Sick samples and synths. Cosmic lyrics about war and time and making plans for movement. “Before I be a slave I’ll be buried in my grave/that’s all I know.” Beat drops out and percussion comes in toward the end. Very cool.
5. “Williehook (skit)” - 0:54 - interesting song sounds super poppy and then faded out. Not sure why this one was a skit.
6. “Aerosol” - 2:01 - synth and vocals; occasional snaps and synth that sounds like bubbles. Evocative lyrics about railroad tracks and walking “all the way.” Makes me feel like I’m walking the tracks checking out the graffiti pieces.
7. “Vital Transformation” - 4:28 - warmly dramatic strings and vocals. “Transforming, changing, spiraling...” downtempo beat with chill groove. Super fast high hats.
8. “You Can Always Count On Me” (Feat. Shana Jenson) - 3:05 - slower jam; spacey synth vibes filling out the atmospherics along with other samples.
9. “These Are The Things I Really Like About You” (feat. Dudley Perkins) - 2:15 - Very funky jazzy bass, horns, and uptempo drums; lyrics about appreciating someone you love and making it through tough times. Nice singing/rapping from Dudley Perkins adds a cool layer to balance our Georgia Anne’s vocals.
10. “Canadian Hillbilly” - 4:21 - Ethereal vibes and percussion open it up; very spacey and cool track. Lyrics about being with a loved one, probably a lover.
11. “Conmigo (Reprise)” - 2:37 - Nice intense stand up bass loop and echoey vocals to open it up; piano and other instruments come in and give it a full character. No drums. Interesting vibe!
12. “Bobbie’s Dittie” - 4:28 - Hard groove starts it off; drums, bass, percussion and vocals all at once; midtempo groover at first and then transitions quickly into a faster paced shuffle without the drums, before breaking into a full on fast paced drum kit and then all the percussion drops out and a midtempo vibe comes back in. Lots of energy - and different energies - packed into a small amount of time! Interesting and fun vibe; positive lyrics about finding one’s way back home.
13. “Ciao” - 0:59 - Nice outro. Very short! :(

Track Listing
1. I.O.T.A. (Instrument Of The Ancestors)   7. Vital Transformation
2. Play It Up   8. You Can Always Count On Me (Feat. Shana Jenson)
3. Overload   9. These Are The Things I Really Like About You (Feat. Dudley Perkins)
4. Blam   10. Canadian Hillbilly
5. Williehook (Skit)   11. Conmigo (Reprise)
6. Aerosol   12. Bobbie's Dittie
  13. Ciao