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Artist:Jevtovic, Dusan   Added:Jan 2019

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No Answer

Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2019-01-18
Reviewed: 2018-01-18
Genre: General
FCCs: none
Review: Stellar prog jazz rock. Jevtovic has been compared to many legendary guitarists. He is quite impressive technically and artistically & his growth as a composer shows a high level of sophistication. Guitar & keyboards work excellently & the drummer works his magic in a subdued way. The result is a bass-less power trio with taut performances that defy genre identification.
If You Like: Robert Fripp, Tony Iommi, Alan Holdsworth, Soft Machine
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
1/ Al Aire/Soko Biri (5:04) – long solo piano into> heavy guitar jumps in> uptempo rocking jam> piano solo to end
*2/ Frusci (8:47) – long solo electric guitar starts slow> midtempo jam builds in volume & complexity> Moog solo> soaring electric guitar solo> uptempo jam> pause> slow jam> fade
*3/ Yo Sin Mi (8:33) – drums start> slow sonic space jam> piano solo> slow jam> slow fade
**4/ No Answer (7:17) – Moog starts with electronic drone> midtempo sonic haunting jam> heavy sonic guitar solo> piano solo> pause> piano leads into short slow jam> fade
*5/ A Ver (7:35) – bass sounds start> slow sonic jam slowly builds in volume & intensity> Rhodes solo> slow jam> fade
6/ Lifetime (5:13) – bass sounds start> slow jam builds in volume> slow fade
*7/ Prayer (6:28) – full band starts> uptempo sonic rocker> sonic guitar solo morphs into midtempo jam> Rhodes solo> uptempo rocker> quick stop
8/ El Oro (6:56) – guitar/Moog start> midtempo jam> subdued guitar solo> off-kilter piano solo> drum solo> short uptempo jam> quick stop
*9/ The Place With A View (8:02) – drums start> slow jam with repetitive riff slowly builds in volume & intensity into dense sonic jam> pause> slow jam with heavy chords> fade

Track Listing
1. Al Aire/Soko Bira   5. A Ver
2. Frusci   6. Lifetime
3. Yo Sin Mi   7. Prayer
4. No Answer   8. El Oro
  9. The Place With A View