Radio Free Clear Light / Rare Is The Moment
Album: Rare Is The Moment   Collection:General
Artist:Radio Free Clear Light   Added:Feb 2019
Label:Black Noise  

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Add Date: 2019-02-14 Pull Date: 2019-04-18 Charts: Classical/Experimental
Week Ending: Mar 10 Feb 24
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1. Mar 06, 2019: Brownian Motion
El Rostro Mas Sincero
3. Feb 20, 2019: Brownian Motion
Movement And Time
2. Feb 20, 2019: On The Warpath
Gates Unlocked
4. Feb 17, 2019: On The Warpath
Gates Unlocked

Album Review
Reviewed 2019-02-13
– General Description: Juan Carlos Mendizabal, Etanna Sack, and Lydia Harari are the musicians/composers of the group Radio Free Clear Light (RFCL). This release is all pleasant ambient electronica. Some sounds are interesting, some are just there. Okay for use as background or relaxation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All tracks reviewed are out of sync with the BandCamp release (some tracks have much longer opening and/or end fades, or dead air front and/or back; some tracks even have different intros). All tracks here have been reduced in length (anywhere from 15–53, or so, seconds).

However, the tracks are basically the same except for the following two: ‘Grandfather’ is listed as Track #4 on BandCamp, here it is Track #5; ‘Interlude 1’ is listed as Track #5 on BandCamp, here it is Track #4.

When playing on KZSU, the track titles in this review are correct and matching what the title is of the essentially same track on the BandCamp release as of 2019-02-09.

– FCC Compliant: YES
– Recommended Tracks: 1, 8, 10, 12
– Track Reviews:

1. ***(4:13) Gates Unlocked - animated tubular bells plus other tinkling about; nice and spaceship-y
2. (6:07) Grandfather Remix - quieter, laid-back with more melodic interchange; like a funky jazz airship trio
3. (3:40) Interlude 2 - interesting push of volcanic-like sound with chattering above
4. (4:59) Interlude 1 - oscillations with a dance-like mix above
5. (2:45) Grandfather - piano motive repeated, then fades to fuzzy refrain, then appears
6. (3:02) Rare Is The Moment - voices fragmented, shuddering effect
7. (2:08) In Circular Motion - insect-like mishmash of sound
8. ***(4:31) The Heart Of Oblivion - finer-sounding droning with tapping, buzzing and plops of sound
9. (2:19) Dancing Cloud - drone tinkling with dynamically flowing syncopated soundbed
10. ***(4:39) Movement And Time - repeated guitar sounds flexed, plus distortion of sorts fading in and out
11. (1:49) Old And New - distorted voices speaking mostly in Spanish with impatient percussion soundbed
12. ***(3:48) El Rostro Mas Sincero (The Most Honest Face) - low-key vibrating and underwater sounds

Track Listing
1. Gates Unlocked   7. In Circular Motion
2. Grandfather Remix   8. The Heart Of Oblivion
3. Interlude 2   9. Dancing Cloud
4. Grandfather   10. Movement And Time
5. Interlude 1   11. Old And New
6. Rare Is The Moment   12. El Rostro Mas Sincero