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Album Review
Reviewed 2019-03-31
GodFrame/Hello Jesus/Godframe Entertainment

A newcomer to the genre of Christian Hip-Hop, GodFrame is set to make waves with his debut album, where he speaks on an array of relevant issues in broader American culture. He utilizes an arsenal of different styles and types of beat-production which range from the ever-popular "trap-style" to the dance-styled rhythms found in some of the clubs in Miami, and many in-between styles. My favorite tracks are 9, 2, 8 and 12. NO FCC's. Reviewed by Daniel of LJH.

1. 2:13 - Medium tempo. Speaking introduction, supported by "feel-good" chord progressions and post-production effects, including vocal samples, bass-guitar riffs echoing from left-to-right, and what sonds like an electric piano or organ layered with orchestra hits, drum tracks hidden, muted and heavily modified within the mix. THIS IS A SPEAKING INTRODUCTION, NOT A SONG.
*2. 2:46 - Slow/medium tempo. Heavily modified kicks and snares layered over with a vocal sample giving the drums an almost eerie effect. A piano chord progression carries the melody and is joined by a number of instruments in intervals - an electric guitar, bass guitar, hi-hats - all of which gain a certain clarity of sound when all enter.
*3. 3:53 - Fast tempo. Heavy Miami-club-style dance-track production; heavy and layered, continuous wave-bass guitar sound that opens to a modified piano sound. These break into a chorus sung in Spanish that is sure to cause folks to dance.
*4. 4:03 - Slow/Medium tempo. Trap-style, opens with horn section which carries on until the first begins (rejoin the chorus); heavy bass and a bass-guitar, muted and played in the lower-frequencies. Rolling hi-hats. Complete with breaks in the beat that act almost as breaths between the almost frenetic chorus and the muted verse musical progressions.
**5. 3:54 - Med/fast tempo. Many engineer-enhancements musically that carry the melody, joined with modified bass guitar and piano riffs. Dance-style beat and production. Guest vocalist on the chorus.
**6. 3:58 - Medium/fast tempo. Piano, with bass guitar rolls into drum kicks and snares in intro. Electric guitar shares space in the background. Although in the beginning of the song all of the instruments are modified, by the time the chorus hits, you realize these might all be live instruments! Maybe.
**7. 4:33 - Medium tempo. Electronically-altered instruments, including a woodwind, possibly a piano, hi-hats, kicks and snares, vocal samples all lay the groundwork for this song. At times there is more instrumental clarity and at other times the instruments seem very muddy in the mix.
**8. 4:10 - Medium tempo. Heavily modified bass guitar, modified drum kit carries this song. A piano-like instrument enters as a musical accent.
***9. 4:25 - Slow tempo. Carried by a beautiful vocal sample in an almost a cappella manner until the drums "kick" in nearer to the chorus. Very simple instrumentation. An electric guitar joins in along with an organ a little later in the song.
10. 4:14 - [NOT A SONG - interlude detailing voicemails between he and his father about forgiveness and restoration.]
**11. 5:01 - Med/fast tempo. Organ overlaid with vocal samples, open to heavily modified drum kits which become more clear during the verse. Heavy kicks.
11. 4:24 - Slow/med tempo. Eerie vocal intro accompanied by a a sustained organ sound, which opens into an electric guitar overlaying kicks and snares creating an almost Rock sounding track, carried by the electric guitar.
**12. 4:26 - Slow/med tempo. Modified electric piano, "clap"-snares joined by a simple drum kit and vocal adlibs used as another instrument. Electric guitar joins for chorus.

Track Listing
1. Begin (Feat. John C. Richards, Jr.)   7. King Of Hearts
2. Hello Jesus   8. Aquafina
3. La Vida Libre (Feat. Meghan Rice)   9. Wait On Jesus (Feat. Jarrett Perry)
4. I'm Alive   10. Padre
5. Forever Always (Feat. Chadae)   11. Home (Feat. L. Dejuan & Amaris)
6. Be Anything (Feat. A. Cheatham)   12. Castle Makers (Feat. Julianna Pickens)
  13. This Love