Wingfield/ Reuter/ Sirkus / Lighthouse
Album: Lighthouse   Collection:General
Artist:Wingfield/ Reuter/ Sirkus   Added:Apr 2019

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1. Jun 22, 2019: Music Casserole
Transverse Wave
3. Jun 07, 2019: Old Fart At Play
Ghost Light
2. Jun 21, 2019: old fart at play06/21/19

Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2019-04-11
Reviewed: 2018-04-11
Genre: General
FCCs: none
Review: Saying that this band packs a punch would be an understatement. Coupled with the artistically inclined improvisational motifs, and a program that sparks vivid imagery, Wingfield's guitar voicings often cast foreboding intentions, due to his punishing sustain-driven notes and devastating crunch chords. He also elicits a doomsday environ via his unorthodox phraseology, suggesting that voices from the netherworld are guiding his trajectory. The trio goes for the gusto from start to finish, throttling tempos and various sound-shaping spectrums.
If You Like: King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, Bill Nelson, Stick Men
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
*1/ Zinc (7:48) – sonic electric guitar starts> rock solid sonic jam builds in volume & complexity> quick fade
2/ Derecho (8:30) – drums start> frenzied uptempo sonic space jam> slowly builds in volume to crescendo & slows briefly, then morphs into midtempo heavy sonic jam> slow fade
**3/ Ghost Light (14:20) – drone-like start on guitar> midtempo sonic soundscape with constantly shifting instrumentation> slow fade
*4/ Magnetic (11:13) – electronic buzz to start> quiet midtempo sonic soundscape with very active drums underneath> sonic guitar solo> uptempo sonic jam> crescendo & fade
*5/ A Hand In The Dark (4:54) – heavy guitar starts> midtempo sonic jam builds in volume & intensity> slow fade
6/ Transverse Wave (5:20) – drums start> heavy slow ponderous sonic jam morphs in to slow sonic space jam> pause> slow sonic jam> slow fade
*7/ Surge (4:30) – heavy guitar drums start> full frontal attack> rocking uptempo jam morphs into uptempo sonic jam> quick fade

Track Listing
1. Zinc   4. Magnetic
2. Derecho   5. A Hand In The Dark
3. Ghost Light   6. Transverse Wave
  7. Surge