Lotz, Mark/ Alan Purves / Food Foragers
Album: Food Foragers   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Lotz, Mark/ Alan Purves   Added:Jun 2019
Label:Unit Records  

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Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2019-06-21
Reviewed: 2019-06-19
Genre: Jazz (x)
FCCs: none
Review: Somewhere there is a dense green forest. One can barely see through the foliage. Inside this forest is a meadow. There stands Mark Alban Lotz, surrounded by flutes of various sizes and shapes. Next to him is Alan Purves, encircled by an array of bizarre and ancient percussion instruments. Together, these two artists are creating odes to forests, jungles, and deserts, the subconscious mind, peaceful meditations, and odd and humorous tales—music that hearkens back to ancient rituals, dreams, and time before time. While much of it sounds electronic, check the liner notes for actual instrumentation.
If You Like: Woodwired, Ancient Future, Paul Winter Consort, Aeron
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
1/ Abu In The Sky (4:11) – percussion starts with repetitive riff> flute plays midtempo over the top> melody shift to uptempo duet>slow fade
2/ Hog Time (0:56) –hog-like sounds with percussion> quick stop
**3/ Echoes Of A Life Hereafter (7:54) – percussion starts like it is in the bottom of a well> slow duet> fade
*4/ Piepkuiken (for Hermeto) – flute starts with fast solo> pause> uptempo duet> slow fade
5/ Petal Of A Rose (3:26) – percussion starts> midtempo duet slowly builds in volume> flute solo> midtempo jam> morphs into sonic sound> fade
6/ Endurance (7:16) – slow quiet electronic sounding duet starts> slow duet> quick stop
*7/ Ice Breath (3:17) – heavy chords on flute with bells start> slow duet> pause> rocking midtempo duet> quick stop
*8/ Kingfisher (1:21) – flute start> pretty midtempo duet morphs into off-kiter> slow fade
9/ Back Scratcher (2:57) – flute starts hesitantly< slow duet with didgeridoo> slow build in volume & tempo> fade
*10/ River (5:18) – slow drifting duet including honns & flute> slowly builds in volume & complexity> slow fade
***11/ Belly Buttons (4:39) – flute starts> uptempo percussion starts> uptempo bouncy duet> slow fade
*12/ Food Foragers (2:36) – hog-like sounds start> midtempo space jam morphs into off-kilter romp> slows, then speeds to end
**13/ Hanging Out (3:24) – flute starts> sprightly uptempo duet> sizzling flute solo> uptempo jam> slow fade
14/ Lullaby For Time (3:28) – flute starts> slow drifting duet> slow fade
**15/ I’m So Sorry Blues (3:26) – flute starts> uptempo duet with a boogie vibe slows to midtempo, then swings back up> quick stop

Track Listing
1. Abu In The Sky   8. Kingfisher
2. Hog Time   9. Back Scratcher
3. Echoes Of A Life Hereafter   10. River
4. Piepkuiken (For Hermeto)   11. Belly Buttons
5. Petal Of A Rose   12. Food Foragers
6. Endurance   13. Hanging Out
7. Ice Breath   14. Lullaby For Time
  15. I'm So Sorry Blues