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Album Review
DJ Stace
Reviewed 2019-06-03
Warp & Woof / Guided By Voices
Label: Guided By Voices Inc.

Reviewed: 6/3/2019

DJ Stace

There's something wrong with Robert Pollard. This is his 4 millionth release. This year.

Original Release Info: Following GBV's sprawling double-album Zeppelin Over China, Robert Pollard has written and recorded another full-length in record-breaking time. It's Warp and Woof (April 26, 2019), exuberantly barreling through 24 songs in just 37 minutes with a brevity similar to mid-90s GBV albums Alien Lanes and Vampire On Titus. GBV kicked this one out in a flash, recorded in studios, club soundchecks, hotel rooms and even in the tour van.

FCCs: none

RIYL: GBV, perfect pop rock songs, brevity

Play: Everything.

1. Bury The Mouse 1:30 - Mid tempo head nodding rocker with Pollard's trademark singing from inside a coffee can.
2. Angelic Weirdness 1:31 - Mid-tempo, super lo-fi acoustic power chords and pots and pans rhythm gives way to a little higher quality about 45 seconds in. Repetitive with a little flourish at the end.
3. Foreign Deputies 1:01 - slow, single electric guitar picking and pollard a cappella. nifty little John Wayne sample at the end.
4. Dead Liquor Store 1:31 - Rapid fire tiny little rocker, changes pace completely at 1:00 then briefly returns.
5. Mumbling Amens 1:54 - Starts quiet and slow tempo. Mid-tempo and somber.
6. Cohesive Scoops 1:31 - Strummy and jangly, mid to uptempo. Catchy refrain.
7. Photo Range Within 1:14 - Uptempo, Bouncy and fun.
8. My Dog Surprise 1:39 - Wide and crashy. Echoey and goofy sounding vocals. A bit kooky.
9. Tiny Apes 1:08 - Brief, uptempo and staccato.
10. Blue Jay House 2:03 - Uptempo, driving and sounds like vintage GBV.
11. Down The Island 1:37 - Ethereal, jangly and airy. A bit quiet and slow to mid-tempo.
12. Thimble Society 1:44 - Mid-tempo with killer opening riffs. Upright and anthemic.
13. My Angel 1:28 - Driving and catchy. With cowbell. I like the staccato lyric styling.
14. More Reduction Linda 1:33 - Uptempo riffage and tom tom rhythms. With either playground Nice harmony in the chorus.
15. Cool Jewels And Aprons 1:25 - Driving and well developed uptempo rocker. Beginning riff reminds me of an Echo &T Bunnymen tune, somehow.
16. Even Next 1:40 - slow, acoustic picking and simple snare rhythm. Strings accompany.
17. It Will Never Be Simple 2:32 - A sprawling mid-tempo acoustic epic compared to the rest of the album. Jangly and with a nice melody over the top. Fades out rather quickly.
18. The Stars Behind Us 1:23 - Familiar driving drum beat and fuzzed out rhythm and lead guitars, give way to epic crashiness and a noisy ending.
19. Skull Arrow 1:04 - Fast-paced driving acoustic rhythm guitars. Silly Robert Pollard
20. Out Of The Blue Race 1:22 - Slow-tempo, but rocking insistent, plodding and marching. Another anthemic Pollard special.
21. Coming Back From Now On 1:53 - Live or mock-live rhythm shifting rocker. Mid-tempo with great drums, changes pace at about 30 second intervals. Nice Eddie Van Halen lead at the end.
22. The Pipers, The Vipers, The Snakes 1:48 - Mid-tempo power chord-based plodding rocker.
23. Time Remains In Central Position 1:50 - Steady and familiar-sounding strumming mid-tempo jangler with a bit of a messy ending.
24. End It With Light 1:11 - Uptempo and insistent machine-gun riffs for the big little (brief) end. Imagine all the stage backlighting behind Robert Pollard for this epic crashing finale.

Track Listing
1. Bury The Mouse   13. My Angel
2. Angelic Weirdness   14. More Reduction Linda
3. Foreign Deputies   15. Cool Jewels And Aprons
4. Dea Liquor Store   16. Even Next
5. Mumbling Amens   17. It Will Never Be Simple
6. Cohesive Scoops   18. The Stars Behind Us
7. Photo Range Within   19. Skull Arrow
8. My Dog Surprise   20. Out Of The Blue Race
9. Tiny Apes   21. Coming Back From Now On
10. Blue Jay House   22. The Pipers, The Vipers, The Snakes
11. Down The Island   23. Time Remains In Central Position
12. Thimble Society   24. End It With Light