Ontologics / Heading to the Outer Realm
Album: Heading to the Outer Realm   Collection:General
Artist:Ontologics   Added:Mar 2020
Label:Self Release  

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1. Apr 16, 2022: Music Casserole
Upside in Downside
3. Mar 15, 2022: I Like to Dance: Shake Off Your Pants
Upside in Downside
2. Mar 19, 2022: Music Casserole
Mitigated Moments
4. Mar 08, 2022: I Like to Dance: Shake Off Your Pants
Cliff or Lift/ Sepulchre

Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2020-03-06
Reviewed: 2020—03-06
Genre: General
FCCs: none
Review: a multi-instrumentalist duo that fuses genres like hip-hop, prog rock, electronica, & world music
If You Like: Beastie Boys meets King Crimson meets Tears For Fears meets Massive Attack
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
**1/ Upside In Downside Out – synth starts> uptempo song builds to a crescendo, then mellows while continuing the same tempo> pause> sonic guitar solo> uptempo song,> long slow fade to quick end
*2/ Use Your Utopia Or Lose Your Utopia – vocal starts> fast tempo song with shifting melodies> sonic guitar solo> quick stop
*3/ Thought Crimes – guitar starts> heavy rocking uptempo song with shifting melodies & instrumentation> rocking guitar solo to quick fade
4/ Assemble Them – spoken word starts> uptempo song> with shifting melodies> quick stop
*5/ To Go Along To Get Along – synth starts> uptempo song with shifting melodies> celestial guitar solo> quick stop
**6/ Cliff or Lift – synth starts> uptempo sonic instrumental jam> quick stop on drums
7/ Heading To The Outer Realm – percussion starts> uptempo song morphs into heavy prog song & rap> quick fade
8/ Around The Fire We Sit Pt. 1 – heavy synth starts> rocking uptempo song> synth jam> uptempo song> quick fade
*9/ it’s All In The Numbers – heavy synth starts> heavy psychedelic prog midtempo jam & song> pause> uptempo song> sonic guitar/synth jam to quick stop
10/ Around The Fire We Sit Pt. 2 – synth starts> uptempo havy rap> pause> uptempo rap> quick stop
*11/ Hindsight’s Mind’s Right – heavy synth starts> rocking up tempo rap< synth jam morphs into space prog jam> quick fade
*12/ Mitigated Moments – synth/percussion starts> pause> uptmepo instrumental space jam> several pauses> quick stop

Track Listing
1. Upside in Downside   7. Heading to the Outer Realm
2. Use Your Utopia or Lose Your Utopia   8. Around the Fire We Sit and Wait Pt. 1
3. Thought Crimes   9. It's All in the Numbers
4. Assemble Them   10. Around the Fire We Sit and Wait Pt. 2
5. To Go Along to Get Along   11. Hindsight Mind's Right
6. Cliff or Lift/ Sepulchre   12. Mitigated Moments