New Spell / Of Time - Part III
Album: Of Time - Part III   Collection:General
Artist:New Spell   Added:May 2020

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Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2020-07-18
“Of Time (Part III)” New Spell
Local, San Francisco-based indie project featuring Leanne Kelly on vocals, piano, keyboards and synths; and Jacob Frautschi on drums — with Max Savage providing additional synths, piano and drums. Dark, yet highly accessible synth-pop. Sensual and cerebral, with waves of music that wash over and envelope you. This is the third and final EP in New Spell’s three-part “Of Time” series. RIYL: The Naked and Famous, Chvrches or Lightning Dust.
— Francis

Recommended: 1, 4, 3, 2, 5. NO FCCs noted.

1. (3:36) Easier – Contemplative techno-pop with playful keyboard runs layered in. Mesmerizing vocals rise and fall. Spare, yet riveting rhythm. Buzzy lead break – transitioning into a joyful breakbeat-driven ending. In these uncertain times, Kelly sings, “What will change, and what will remain.” ****
2. (3:49) Future’s Wild – Driving “indie-disco” with a club beat. More industrial. Sparkling synth arpeggios. Highly reverbed vocals. ***
3. (4:00) Home – Synth-pop ballad with soaring vocals and synth strings. Measured beat. Machine-like keys swirl. Lyrics about “finding creativity and meaning in love despite living in a time that often feels hopeless.” ***
4. (4:05) Where You Are – Dreamy, dancey and infectious — set to almost an Afrobeat. Uplifting lyrics about acceptance — wherever you are. ****
5. (4:28) Forgotten – Closing piano ballad. Less processed — enabling the beauty of Kelly’s vocals and keyboard artistry to carry much of the tune. Shifts to a fuzzed out, distorted segment, before an unresolved ending. **

Track Listing
1. Easier   3. Home
2. Future's Wild   4. Where You Are
  5. Forgotten