Holland, Marshall / Paper Airplane
Album: Paper Airplane   Collection:General
Artist:Holland, Marshall   Added:Aug 2020
Label:Mystery Lawn Music  

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Paper Airplane

Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2020-08-30
“Paper Airplane” Marshall Holland
Local (San Francisco-based) psychedelic pop rock and singer-songwriter sounds — with a retro feeling that pays homage to the late 1960s and early 1970s. First album from Marshall Holland since 2014. Facing the threat of a day-job layoff and dealing with the anxiety of the pandemic lockdown, this album is nevertheless full of optimism and hope. Catchy, well arranged and expertly produced. Holland wrote all of the songs except #7, and plays all of the instruments. Great throwback tunes, updated for today. https://marshallholland.bandcamp.com/album/paper-airplane-2

— Francis

Recommended: 8, 4, 2, 3, 7, 11. No FCCs detected.

1. (3:31) Our Fate — Up-tempo, light guitar rock. Pulsing rhythm, propelled by a rapid snare drum cadence. Strummed guitar. Nice melodic synth in break.
2. (3:21) When The Rain Comes — Uplifting, flowing, floating psychedelic dream-pop. Tinkling keys with a touch of fuzz guitar. Phasing enhances the 60s feeling. “Dancing away cares in a groovy way.” ***
3. (3:50) A Hand Holds A Bird — Sentimental love song, featuring strummed acoustic guitar, synth strings and gentle harmonized vocals. ***
4. (4:07) Waiting For That Peace & Love — The lead single. Powerful psych rock with a bit of a dramatic foundation anchoring a really catchy melody, bell-like synths, shifting dynamics and edgy guitar in the break. ****
5. (2:26) Don’t Do It — Bouncy, happy 1960s good-time pop. Guitar, maybe sitar and player piano, Throwback to 60s American bands ranging from the Monkees to The Left Banke. ***
6. (2:16) She Buys A Dress (To Match With Her Pink Belt) — A blend of surf music and Elvis Costello. Jerry Lee Lewis piano, organ, fuzz guitar and heavily reverbed vocals.
7. (4:33) I’m Checkin’ Out — Pleasant, jangle power pop a la the early 1970s. Nice mix of guitar work and synth. Harmonized backing vocals. Written by Michael R. Brooks (The Errant Hair) ***
8. (4:46) Paper Airplane — Authentic psych pop that would have topped the charts in the late 1960s. Soaring flights of imagination. Snapping and tumbling drums. Angular guitar. Organ. Bells. Breezy harmonies in the chorus. ****
9. (3:39) Look Into My Eyes — Chimey chamber pop. Simple and sweet. Piano. Swelling harmonies. Flute-y synths. Stop-and-go rhythm.
10. (3:51) Whatcha Gonna Do — Chugging California alt rock in the early 70s style of Jackson Browne or the Eagles. Crisp guitar work. Steady beat.
11. (3:32) A Dream Away — Fragile dream pop ditty — dreaming of better times. Strummed acoustic guitar and layered keyboards. Synth strings. Lilting vocals. A little reminiscent of Donovan, without the warbling. ***

Track Listing
1. Our Fate   6. She Buys A Dress (To Match With Her Pink Belt)
2. When The Rain Comes   7. I'm Checkin' Out
3. A Hand Holds A Bird   8. Paper Airplane
4. Waiting For That Peace & Love   9. Look Into My Eyes
5. Don't Do It   10. Whatcha Gonna Do
  11. A Dream Away