I'm With Her / See You Around
Album: See You Around   Collection:Country
Artist:I'm With Her   Added:Oct 2020
Label:Rounder Records  

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See You Around

Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2020-10-27
Reviewed: 10-27-2029
Reviewed by: Tom McCarter
Genre: Country
FCCs: none
If You Like: Dixie Chicks, Run Boy Run, Trapezoid
Review: beautiful vocals with exquisite instrumentation on these country-tinged originals
Track Review (favorites denoted by*):
*1/ See You Around (2:50) - fiddle starts> midtempo song> quick stop
*2/ Game To Lose (3:46) - mandolin starts> midtempo song about playing full out, with hesitant harmonized vocals swings uptempo> quick stop
3/ Ain't That Fine (3:09) -guitar starts> midtempo song with harmonized vocals about taking a chance on love> quick fade
**4/ Pangaea (3:18) - fiddle starts> beautiful slow tempo song with intersecting vocals about the challenges of romance> slow fade
5/ I-89 (2:57) - electric guitar chords start> slow tempo song builds to midtempo about a romantic breakup> quick stop
*6/ Wild One (3:59) - acapella vocal starts> slow tempo song with harmonized vocals about the risks of trying something new > quick fade
**7/ Waitsfield (2:35) - fiddle starts> uptempo jig-like instrumental> quick stop
*8/ Ryland (Under The Apple Tree) (3:30) - guitar starts> slow tempo song with solo vocal about love flourishing> quick fade
9/ Overland (3:27) - vocal starts> slow tempo song with solo vocal & occasional harmony about striking out on one's own> quick fade
*10/ Crescent City (3:00) - guitar starts> midtempo song with solo vocal & occasional harmony about a breakup> fade
*11/ Close It Down (3:02) - fiddle starts> slow tempo song with with harmonized vocals about a brekup> quick stop on vocal
12/ Hundred Miles (3:31) - slow solo acapella vocal starts, soon joined in harmony> slow song with instruments & harmonies about wanting to get back together> fade

Track Listing
1. See You Around   7. Waitsfield
2. Game to Lose   8. Ryland (the Apple Treet)
3. Ain't That Fine   9. Overland
4. Pangaea   10. Crescent City
5. I-89   11. Close It Down
6. Wild One   12. Hundred Miles