Magic Shoppe / Mono Lake
Album: Mono Lake   Collection:General
Artist:Magic Shoppe   Added:Sep 2022
Label:Little Cloud Records  

Album Review
Reviewed 2022-09-05
Top-notch shoegaze out of Boston, MA. Talented 5-piece with layers and layers of reverb and a nice hypnotic quality that takes some serious craft to conjure. Psychedelic and warm at times, rampaging noise rock at others. They’re probably amazing live. For fans of My Bloody Valentine, LSD and the Search for God, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, Magic Castles

FCC: 6
TRY: 2, 5, 7, 3

(1.) (3:30) Blustery noise-rock with pained vocals buried under layers of distortion. Upbeat and energetic
*(2.) (3:17) Jangly guitars, reverb washes, catchy vocal hooks. Contemporary lo-fi indie meets old-school shoegaze
*(3.) (3:42) Hypnotic shoegaze, crushing droning reverb. Builds in intensity with some cool percussive elements
(4.) (2:35) Uptempo. Loud and messy
*(5.) (3:00) Midtempo, emotionally stretched vocals, and a great percussive backbone. Some of the best guitarwork on the album
(6.) (3:24) (FCC) Reverb-drenched rocker with sneered vocals
*(7.) (4:46) Layered vocals, gyrating washes of guitar, really cool backwards-looped guitars
(8.) (3:40) Churning noise rock with squeals of distortion. Long, staticky outro
(9.) (9:20) Long-form shoegaze suite. Fades out to silence at 4:40 and picks up again at 6:40. Ends with lots of backwards-looped samples

Track Listing
1. Hatchling   5. SFU 50
2. I Feel High   6. Are You There God? Its Me, Satan
3. Looking Right Through   7. You Have No Reflection
4. Kingmaker   8. Paranormal
  9. Drugstore Heart