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Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2023-04-17
“Cheers” Jukebox The Ghost
This is the 6th album from the indie piano-rock trio based in Washington, D.C. Theatrical power pop in a style reminiscent of Fun or Queen. The album plays like it’s a Broadway show, with an intro, several interludes and a big close. Members include Ben Thornewill (piano and vocals), Tommy Siegel (guitar and vocals) and Jesse Kristin (drums). Andrew McMahon (Jack’s Mannequin) guests on one track, “Wasted.” Most of the songs lean toward rock anthems designed to be performed live. RIYL: Queen, fun., The Happy Fits, Circus Of The West.
— Francis

Recommended: 3, 13, 2, 12, 6, 9. No FCCs detected.

1. (0:42) Century In The Making (Intro) — Very brief, 1920s-sounding throwback opener that segues directly into “Maude.”
2. (3:51) Hey Maude — Big, bold theatrical anthem with drum rolls and swelling crescendos throughout. Pounding piano and drums. ****
3. (3:36) Wasted — Galloping, hooky power pop. Playful piano. Thornewill on lead vocals. Rich harmonies. Also features Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness as a guest on piano and vocals. ****
4. (2:50) Ramona — Guitar-driven, with piano under and reverbed handclaps. Siegel on lead vocals.
5. (3:12) Million Dollar Bills — Swinging light opera-sounding anthem with a slower beat. Fuzzy synth keys in addition to piano. Tongue-in-cheek lyrics.
6. (3:08) Us Against The World — Chime-y, pulsing and shimmering with big thumping beats. Uplifting, anthemic vocals. ***
7. (3:07) Brass Band — Repetitive piano, which builds to deliberate choruses with synthesized brass band-sounding chords and swirling orchestra.
8. (1:36) The Machine (Intro) — Sweet, harmonized vocals over light synth effects and machine-like drum track. Segues directly into “Everybody Panic.”
9. (4:11) Everybody Panic — Machine-like, industrial drum groove continues from Track 8. Somewhat darker and jazzier feeling, with slightly brighter choruses. Big piano arpeggios. ***
10. (2:50) Move Along — Built on a hip-hop rhythm with electronic drum and some handclaps and kind of sing-song-y vocals. Resolves into more traditional power pop choruses.
11. (1:58) Raise A Glass (Interlude) — Animated feature-like vocals and instrumentation.
12. (4:19) How The World Began — Catchy, captivating and uplifting opus about what might happen if wildfires or an all-time tidal wave wiped out Los Angeles. Plinky piano, tapping rhythm and a solid drum track. A few squiggly effects along the way — plus a short lead guitar break. ****
13. (3:21) Cheers! — Swaying, slightly melancholic theatrical anthem with choruses reaching to the highest sections of the balcony. Brief ripping guitar flourishes. Most Queen-like track on the album. The first single. ****

Track Listing
1. Century In The Making (Intro)   7. Brass Band
2. Hey Maude   8. The Machine (Intro)
3. Wasted   9. Everybody Panic
4. Ramona   10. Move Along
5. Million Dollar Bills   11. Raise A Glass (Interlude)
6. Us Against The World   12. How The World Began
  13. Cheers!