Daneshevskaya / Long Is The Tunnel
Album: Long Is The Tunnel   Collection:General
Artist:Daneshevskaya   Added:Dec 2023
#melancholic #bittersweet #confident

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Album Review
Jack Moreland
Reviewed 2023-12-21
FCC in 3. Lots of piano, acoustic guitar, synth / strings, and drums. #melancholic #bittersweet #confident Lots of different vibes w/in each song - always melancholic vibe, sometimes sinister, sometimes bittersweet, sometimes more optimistic, sometimes free-wheeling. Lots of elements are individually not super complicated, but together create a cohesive whole full of beauty and contradictions.

**1. Challenger Deep - MED/SLOW soft start with rain & plodding acoustic guitar. Wistful fem vocals about loss. Lower strings in the back round it out. Almost like she’s telling a secret story which has a dark edge, like the other side of puff the magic dragon. Hard end

**2. Somewhere In The Middle - HARD START - MED - acoustic guitar and fem vocals - pulsing, rhythmic, knowing start. Becomes confident and powerful as drums and backing synth come in, a bit bittersweet. Final chorus feels strong and satisfied, a little slower - hard end

*3. (1 FCC) Bougainvillea - HARD START w/ lilting simple piano & vocals - MED/SLOW - continuous strings & soft drums fill in. beautiful, elegant melody strolls & runs around the scale and sometimes bursts with energy - sometimes sinister - later confident, full, energetic. short but soft end - “fucking”

4. Big Bird - HARD START w/ vocals - MED/FAST - then hard synth joins before mellowing out again. Alternates between tough synth & pretty vocals, vs. soft drums, synths, & guitar. Soft end with duck noises

5. Pink Mold - HARD START w/ acoustic guitar & vocals - MED. melancholic bittersweet. Backing vocals & some brushing noise make it feel full. Melody is almost like a christmas carol. more confident and a little happier near end. Riffs remind me of “sounds of silence”

**6. ROY G BIV - HARD START vocals & soft piano - SLOW/MED. Soft, final-sounding. Guitar, strings & drums fill it out. Quite sway-y, strings add a classical, kinda ballet feel

*7. Ice Pigeon - hard start piano, then vocals. SLOW/MED. Melancholic, wanting, love feeling. Drums & guitar come out later. Lyrics about conflicted feelings. Gets fuller w/ strings but stays melancholic, bittersweet. Ends a bit unresolved. Clear followup to bougainvillea

Track Listing
1. Challenger Deep   4. Big Bird
2. Somewhere In The Middle   5. Pink Mold
3. Bougainvillea   6. ROY G BIV
  7. Ice Pigeon